Season 3 Episode 12: Questions to Help Dig Out Your Own Creativity

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With our busy lives and the current global situation, how is it possible to dig out your inner creative?

Listen as Megan navigates what questions should you ask yourself to bring out your creativity.

6:00 how do you allow creativity in your life
9:07 questions to ask yourself
11:17 practical ways to allow creative flow

What’s the worst day you ever had in your business? I can name a few. It was a five time award winning entrepreneur who burned out because I couldn’t give up control of anything in my business. Whether it was because I thought I could do it faster or because I thought I couldn’t afford it, I just refused to let anybody else and consequently. The business turned from a dream goal into a job I hated, and I didn’t know what to do anymore. In 2015 I closed my business, walked away and started a whole new life. But I didn’t know what I want to be when I grew up after that. And I realized that what I really love to do is marketing. I love to talk about marketing and create marketing and teach other people how to create value based marketing initiatives that talk to their customers. I’ve done it for corporations, for entrepreneurs like you, bloggers and everybody in between. I’m here to help you create your dream empire that gives you the freedom that create your life the way you want to do it. My name is Megan Brame and this is Stop Sucking Your Business. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. Megan here. Welcome to the episode. I am so glad you’re here. So you know, my plan originally at the end of every month was to have a Q and A session with you, and I’m hopeful that we can get that nailed down for you right now. But what I want to do this month instead is something a little bit special, a little bit extra because this is my month of creativity. I want to talk about questions I have for you this month to think about your creativity and how to maximize the output of creativity you have right now. You know, I know that this year has been banana town, and it’s only getting weirder, right? The elections, and for me, you know, this part of the world winter is coming and who knows what this world is gonna look like? So all we can do is figure out how we can control our own small little space in the world, right? Our own little niche or a little carving. And so one thing I think that is truly precious and priceless, and needs to be exalted or needs to be appreciated is all of the creativity that we have inside of us. I think that a lot of people stifle it, either subconsciously or consciously. You know, it depends on your life and what you feel most comfortable with. Maybe that you feel you’re a little bit too much of a daydreamer, and so you don’t want to invite that in your life. You wanna have more focus? Or maybe you feel like your life doesn’t have time for you to be creative. You’re very focused and you’re very driven, and you need to make sure that everything in your life is structured and there’s no time for you to be creative. So I understand both sides of that. By the way, I completely understand how people can get in those modes. I have been in those modes, and I feel like in my own experience that what I have learned is creativity. Creativity is an unstoppable force. It is an inertia that cannot be stopped, you can plug it and you can damn it up, but it will break through. It will break through in hopefully productive ways and not destructive ways. But in my own life, I have realized that creativity comes on its own path, does not wait for me to have a notebook to write it down or for a you know, a moment in my day where I can just have a zen time where I can be creative, notably creativity comes when it comes and it will not be stopped and scheduled or tolerated, and it has. You have to be aware and open to it, and so something that I’ve been thinking about lately is how to work within those bounds, I guess and how to understand the creativity inside of us, that’s why this month was so important to me to bring on Monica and Jessica and realize that, you know, there is no one answer to how we have to live our lives. And there is no one answer to how we have to run a business. You know, you can have a side hustle and never go full time. You can have a full time business as a sex coach and help people with intimacy issues and develop better relationships like there is no limit to the ways that you can manifest creativity in your life, and there are no rules. There are no reasons for you to have to feel like you should stifle it. There might be like outside forces, relationships, money, whatever but those. My point is that the more you feel, the more you allow the creativity in your life, the more successful you end up being, you know it can be coaching. It could be business. It could be art, it can be a hobby, it can be sleep, whatever. Whatever you need to allow that creativity to be in your life instead of pushing it away. Dude, it’s huge. So some things I want to ask you this week.

Hey, guys, Megan here. Just a reminder. I have regular Q and A episodes coming out, so if you want your questions answered, head to Megan Brame dot com slash Ask a question on Woodward and you’ll be able to get your question posted, and if I feature it, you will get a copy. A free copy of my book Day one and Practical Guide to Launching Your Business. So again, head to Meghan Brame dot com slash Ask a question. And if your question gets featured. I’m sending you a free copy of my book as a thank you.

I want you to answer these questions and you can journal about it if you want, or just think about that while you’re driving today. You know, however you consume this and want to utilize this. I want you to think about your own creativity and think about how these questions, how these questions make you feel and how you can answer them for yourself. So the first question, what have you been confronted with? That is a challenge. How can you turn that challenge into an opportunity? So if you’ve had a slow sales month or you have a looming bill coming up or you have something in your business that isn’t working out the way you felt like it was, what is the opportunity in that? And how can you think of a creative solution to make that change into an opportunity?

Second, when you’re asking yourself questions just in your daily life, if you’re like what should I eat today or what am I working on today? I want you to think about the actual question and how, uh are you letting yourself off the hook with it. So is it a good question? Is it a question that moves you forward? Or is it an excuse question? And to give you some examples, excuse questions would be things that let you off the hook without justification, and I think of them as like poor little me questions like, Why am I? Why am I like this? Why am I feeling this way? Why am I not even? Why am I feeling this way? So that’s a good question. But I’m thinking off the top of my head, so you’ll have to forgive me so. But I hope my point is coming across, so like questions that make you feel like it’s okay to be complacent. And it’s okay to stay where you are because it’s comfortable and you are fine and you don’t have to think outside. So I want you to think about questions you ask yourself and then follow up that question with Is this a question that moves me forward? Or is this a question that stops me from stretching and allows myself not to stretch.

Another way? Another question for you. How can you use your creativity this month to divine new challenges. And I don’t know if you heard define or divine when I said that, But I think both work in that situation. How can you use creativity to create new challenges in your life and not negative challenges? Obviously. But how can you start with that way? How can you create new opportunities this month? How can you create new sales? How can you lower your cost of goods? How can you spend less time and create more engagement on social media like, how can you air? The big questions this month will spark your creativity and make you start triggering little sparks in your head of like, maybe I could do this or that’s an interesting question. Let me think about that. How can you? This month, I want you to think about three questions that start with How can I blink and then think about the problems, issues, whatever you have in your life in your business that are that Come up when you ask that. So, like if you leave that part blank, how can I like the first thing that comes to your head. How can I lower my product costs? How can I pay that bill this month? How can I hire a new podcast editor? How can I do something, whatever comes in your head right, then that has that is the question that needs to be answered. And that is what your creativity has to answer for you.

So again, you can journal about this or, you know, think about it as you’re driving whatever you feel most comfortable doing. But I think that challenging yourself in an intentional way like this with questions about utilizing your creativity to remove obstacles, create new opportunities and to just be creative. Dude, that’s clutch. And I hope that it is something that you can think about this month next month, every time you need it. Every time you’re feeling stuck, just think about how I can channel my creativity to get me past this. And it might not be an instant answer and might take a couple of days or, you know, it’ll be like shower thoughts when you’re in the shower and you’re not thinking about it, and then all of a sudden it comes up and you’re like shit. That’s what I have to do, you know, just be open and remember that your creativity does not come when you need it. It comes when it needs to come. It comes when it’s ready, and so be open. Ask yourself the questions, and then it acts. You know, just remember that your creativity is there for you to manifest change and to make those goals that you have possible. None of us reach your goals without being a little bit creative, right? Like it e. I don’t mean like creative accounting, but I mean more like utilizing the things in her life that make us unique and make us special. That is what gives us our success. And that is where the creativity comes in.

So take some time. Think about these questions, think about your own questions. And honestly, let me know if you have different questions. I’d love to hear them. I love this kind of shit and then go to it. Dude, I believe in you. I know this is your jam. And I’m excited to see what your creativity brings up for you. So enjoy the rest of the month. We’re going to talk soon in October. Uh huh.And that’s a group will talk to you again.

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On the next episode much because I was so miserable and I was not happy. And I know now that I It was this perpetuating cycle of shit of just fear of someone else, helping and fear of not looking busy enough. And I don’t even know what enough is now that I look back on it. But it was just, I wanted people to hear what I was doing and say, Wow, that’s a lot like that. That’s what gave me feelings off of worth. Honestly, you know of pride and mhm. It felt like it was just insecurity, right? Like looking back now, it was just being insecure in my place in the world and, well, just creating this mountain of everything that I had to climb to never reach the peak. There was no summit to reach in this. There was just more self loathing and more busy and more.

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