Season 3 Episode 13: Welcome to Delegation Month

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October is delegation month!

In any business, time is of the essence.

Yes, our limiting beliefs can hinder us from hiring someone or delegating these tasks but why waste time working on menial things when you can work on other things that are within your zone of genius.

So what’s stopping your from delegating

Hey, guys, welcome to the show. I am incredibly glad you’re here today. Thank you so much for joining me. This is my favorite month because it’s my birthday month and I’m still an immature child and I love my birthday. I can’t help it. So, October, first off, can we talk about it’s October where’s the time going? That’s kind of not fair, but it is what it is. So this month I know I say this a lot, but you’re just gonna have to believe me. Every time I say this, that is going to be one of my most favorite months to present to you. 

This month is all about delegation. And I thought about, you know, trying to figure out the topics of the month ahead of time so that I can give my guests a focus, but also give myself focus so that it’s less pressure of What the fuck am I going to talk about? So when I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about this month, and what I wanted to have guests to talk about, I was thinking about when I was a wee young entrepreneur and I Yeah, I loved what I did, but I loved what I did because of ego. And when I say that, I say that because I would not give up control of anything, I wouldn’t give up control of anything in my business, including graphic design, social media marketing, uh, sales, packaging, shipping, customer service, bookkeeping like I was so afraid to let other people in. 

And I was afraid to spend the money right, because I didn’t think I had the money. I was barely making ends meet in the beginning and was doing this full time. Steve, to his credit, was incredibly gracious about that and, you know, supported us for a while while I tried to get my grounding and get my feet. And and so I felt immense pressure to not burden us any further. Not from him, by the way, just for me completely. And I was afraid to spend any kind of money on things that I felt weren’t directly related, I guess, like to a product, I it was better for me to do it myself because it saved money, even though if I really was willing to let myself think about it. It was costing me money. 

And I know that that sounds like something that you hear in coaches who are just trying to spend, like, get you to pay them. But I mean that with all sincerity, like looking back, the amount of frustration that I’ve had in my life in my business, it could have been solved so easily by just not being afraid of money and not being afraid to let other people in, you know, another part of the fear that I had. And I think that a lot of people have this too. Is that it? Yes. I didn’t want to spend the money, but also and didn’t want anybody to see the cluster fuck off a business. I was running the clusterfuck that I felt the business was. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if it was a clusterfuck. 

Whenever I did have to let somebody in, they were gracious enough to not say anything, but I was creating a mess for myself with but keeping with, um you know, just time workflow I If I let someone in in my head then then they would see how fucked up I was and how fucked up I had run my business. And I didn’t want that. I wanted to see him impress. I wanted to seem like I had my shit together. Fun fact did not have my shit together. It was a horrible amalgamation of fear, anxiety, pressure, finances, everything. Like, you know, this was back in 2009 where it was still pure hustle culture. It wasn’t self care time. It was time to work. You are going to work your face off and you are going to love it. And you are weak if you show any vulnerability or any. 

Anything less than loving the hustle and loving the work and you do not take weekends off, you work. So that’s that’s the era that I was in when all of this was happening. And I let myself really just succumb to that and con e looking back like, is it any wonder is that I hadn’t I loved what I did and that I, you know, was just dreading going to work every day, going to my studio. This was what I built myself. I built this. 

This was all of my own doing clearly, because no one else was allowed in and I was drowning. I was drowning in fear, debt, self loathing, hatred, jealousy, bitterness. You name it like it was just It was such a bad time. And so it’s incredibly understandable. Now, looking back, why, I was just like, Nope. Fuck it. I’m closing these doors. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t wanna bring this on my life anymore. So if you’re unaware, I walked away from my first business. If you know, it had five industry awards I garnered. I received these from my marketing skills and for like, my name was in the New York Times. I had over 100 publications featuring me, and I hated it. I hated it so much because I was so miserable and I was not happy. And I know now that it was this perpetuating cycle of shit of just fear of someone else, helping and fear of not looking busy enough. And I don’t even know what enough is now that I look back on it. But it was just Yeah, I wanted people to hear what I was doing and say, Wow, that’s a lot like that. That’s what gave me feelings of worth, honestly, of pride and it felt it was just insecurity, right? Like looking back now, it was just being insecure in my place in the world and, well, just creating this mountain of everything that I had to climb to never reach the peak. There was no summit to reach in this. There was just more self loathing and more busy and more a pit that I couldn’t dig myself out of. 

So I walked away. I could have sold it, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want it to break up. I just wanted to be done. I wanted out. Close the door. My lease is up in my studio walk away. I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want this in my life. And sorry when I did that, I If you read my book, then you heard me mention you read me mentioning this already that I I don’t remember the feelings. I don’t remember the bad days. I remember kind of vague feelings of bad moments, but I do Remember the day that I walked out of my studio for the last time? I remember that feeling. I remember I was living in Brooklyn then, and I remember closing the door, walking down the hallway of my studio building and walking outside, heading up to the subway to go home. And all I had left was a backpack of stuff just, you know, like papers or note pads or things that I just hadn’t taken in, you know, the liquidation, I guess.

 And I remember I just felt like I could skip the whole way if I really wanted to do it. But I was also afraid I would bust my ankle if I did that, because I’m incredibly clumsy, the feeling of just releasing. That’s a feeling I try and hold now as a not an entrepreneur to point out anything that I’m dealing with that is in my life is in my business. I should say that it feels heavy and makes me feel small or fearful or worried instead of taking that on and trying to, I don’t know, I don’t even know what I’m trying to prove by it. But instead of trying to prove something I bring someone else in, and it is scary to spend the money. I completely understand people that say, like, I don’t have the money. I sympathize completely. 

It is not easy to come here and tell you invest in your business when you have no money to invest. I understand that completely so, Believe me, I know the gravity of what I say when I say hire someone else or find another way to do it that releases it from you, which is going to involve spending money. It’s scary. It’s scary. It’s frustrating because you feel like there is no money, that it’s not even. It’s a nonstarter, There’s no money, and, I don’t want this to come off the way it does. So I hope you’ve listened to me enough now that you understand the nature of the way I say this when I say.

Hey, guys, Megan here. Just a reminder. I have regular Q and A episodes coming out, so if you want your questions answered, head to and you’ll be able to get your question posted and If I feature it, you will get a free copy of my book, Day One: A Practical Guide to Launching Your Business. So again, head to and if your question gets featured, I’m sending you a free copy of my book as a thank you. 

You can find the money. You can find the money because these things that bring you down are things that are costing you money. Instead of editing this podcast episode, I have my podcast, my podcast editor do this for me, and she’s fantastic. And I happily pay her to handle all of these things because the amount of time it would take me to come in here and edit this podcast and create the show notes and schedule this and promote it. That is all time that I could be spending with my clients doing sales, reaching out, creating new money, and this podcast is great. I love talking to you, but it doesn’t bring me money directly, You know, I don’t have I’m not charging you for this and not, you know, this is free content that costs me money to create. But I am also, I am able to use it in a way that does not cost me time. 

Does that make sense? So, yeah, it cost me time to record this and talk to you, but it’s way less than it would be if I was editing this and creating all of the back end stuff and scheduling like it is a net gain for me to have my editor handle this so that I can talk to you while I go out and generate income for the business. Does that make sense? So something that I want you to think about this month is Are you stopping yourself from creating money and creating income because of ego, of fear, of pride, of filling in the blank like what is it that’s stopping you from running your business? Is it money? Why is it money? Does that make sense? 

Like if you go out and sell, I’m holding a pen. If you could go out and sell a pen for five bucks and you spent, I don’t know, a dollar on it in that pen creates that $4 in that profit. That net profit can now go to building your little pen business. You know, everything that comes out comes back in. There’s a flow to all of this and starting to feel like I’m rambling. So I will get to the fucking point, which is: You can’t let money control your business because it’s cyclical.

 It comes in, it goes out and the more you’re afraid, to let it go out. The less opportunity it has to come back. Think about it like a relationship. If you were, you were dating someone and they were like, you are great, but I’m afraid to let you go and I don’t. I wish you were more. I wish you were different. I wish you were better. I wish you were here more often. I want you can’t leave me. I can’t let you go. You’re going to get the fuck out of there, right? Like that sounds terrifying. But if the relationship was like you are awesome, I want you to go out in the world and just show everybody how awesome you are because that makes me feel good. And that brings that energy back to me. And I know that you’re going to come back because I am not holding you so tightly. I am not controlling you. I am understanding that when you go out, you come back to me and I love seeing that journey. That’s a way cooler relationship, right? That’s a way less pressure. 

And that’s the same with money. You can’t be afraid to spend it on things that will, bring you back money, bring you back opportunity and bring you back. Oh, peace, Right. So that’s one part of the delegation that I want to talk about. But I also want to talk about something that I hadn’t actually thought of until recently. So I have been, you know, I have a podcast and I have a YouTube channel. I have a blog. I have social media accounts and a newsletter and the Facebook group. And the point is, I have Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy and right. I have all of these different avenues for content, and I had for a long time, like as of this year, been afraid to repurpose content. I didn’t want anyone who read my blog to go on my YouTube channel or go on my podcast and hear the same thing they just read. I was afraid that people would, like, just fucking read this, Meg. And why are you rehashing this?

And so I would spend so much time creating content, different types of different topics of content for all the different platforms. And it burned me the fuck out. Dude, like I’m recording this now in September. And when this goes live in October, I will have finished the editorial calendar of different topics that I have for different platforms. And now I am working more on streamlining that into using one piece of content in multiple different ways and my theory behind this, which is not a theory. It’s just what I’m calling it in my head. 

The reason that I’m doing this is because I understand now that most likely and I know some restrictions may apply in Utah. Most likely you will find me on one channel, whether that’s my social or my Facebook group or my newsletter or my blogged this or YouTube. Most likely your point of contact with me is through one platform. You might branch off a little bit if you find me interesting and see, like What’s Meg and say another blogged or What’s Meg and saying on Social? And I hope you do follow me By the way, I would love to see you there. But my point is me breaking up my content topics for different platforms does not serve anybody, because the things that I want to teach are teachable through different methods. And furthermore, it’s unfair of you for me to leave my best content on my blog to write it out. It’s unfair for my YouTube subscribers for me to put my best content on this podcast and not have them here what I have to say, it’s bad for my blog’s readers to not get this content or my YouTube content because I’ve written out something different you see, they were getting at. 

So I was afraid for a long time of making people feel like they had already heard my shit when in reality, you most likely have not. So that makes sense. And even if you have been on my blog or you have been on my YouTube channel or you found me on another platform, you might not consume content as easily as you would another method. So if I’m not a block reader, I’m not a blog reader until I need directions. Like I need step by step guides. And I don’t wanna watch YouTube channel or a YouTube video, like is It’s, I don’t know, 10. Like a guide like 10 APPS that will make social media faster than I want to read that on a blog. But if it’s about marketing strategies, I’m not gonna, I don’t want to read a 5000 word article. I hate that shit. I skim. I know you probably skim. Not like we are consuming more content faster in this world. And, yes, pillar content. Long form content is very good for Google, but the user experience of it is rarely, what am I trying to say? Like it’s rarely functional if that makes sense, like I can write 1500 words about instagram. But if you’re not going to read it, then what the fuck is the point of me doing that? 

Maybe I should instead do a podcast episode about that and transcribe it into a blog post or do a video and take the audio from that put it here transcribe that so on and so forth. This is a new experiment. I’m trying, and I might go back to doing things differently later. But I’m thinking that this is going to save me a lot of time and a lot of headache, and it still is of value to you. Something makes sense. So it’s not me letting the fear of I’m not cheating. It’s not that fear letting me do that anymore. Instead, what it is is me saying, I understand that different people consume content in different ways, and so I am going to make this as available as possible for people and to be completely transparent. You’re not going to get a ton of that here. I mean, you already have the Lisa episodes where the blog posts to read to you in their short. 

But you know, they still deliver the message that I want them to deliver, and those are the ones that you’re going to see a lot here, including interviews with other people. So those will be the podcast that is sort of stand alone with that. But in terms of like blog’s and YouTube and social and things like that. I’m really going to try. Doesn’t that sound like a weak statement? I am going to utilize one piece of content and diversify it and delegate to numerous platforms. So that was another thing I wanted to talk to you about today. With regards to delegating your life, you can delegate it to people you can delegate to apps too. 

You know, you’ve heard me say millions of times Automate. Eliminate delegate. Make sure that you are utilizing your time the best way you can’t and think about the ways that you’re creating opportunities in your business. It might not be the most streamlined way if you’re a blogger, if you have social media, if you have any kind of outreach where you are trying to convey a message to someone rather than trying to feel precious and unique by creating multiple messages across multiple platforms, why not create the same message across different platforms and get people to consume that content and find ways to make your lesson as accessible to everyone as possible? You know, I think that what I’ve noticed in my coaching clients and masterminds that I run is that people get really afraid of? Well, people have already seen this. I don’t I don’t wanna do multiple sales messages on Instagram. Like I don’t want people to be pissed off because they’re like, I already saw this. I don’t care. It. I was that way to be completely honest, I was afraid that I would offend somebody. Offended? Somebody really pissed someone off or annoyed them because they already heard about your mastermind. I don’t care. And I realized and truthfully, I realized this through having my own business. Coach, is that okay? 

The algorithms, all algorithms, Facebook instagram, newsletters, blood posts, YouTube, podcasts, all of them rarely give the full story to your follower. Uh, subscriber, You know, I’ll say follower just out of a generic way, like the chances that you get to see all of my instagram posts are organically slim. Right? Unless you deliberately go to my, uh, my account and look at my content or you hit the notifications or something. But in most cases, you’re not going to see everything that I post or you’re not gonna hear everything that I put out there Unless you’re subscribed to this or you’re not going to see all of my YouTube videos unless you’re subscribed to it. And even then you have to go searching for it because the algorithm is deciding whether or not you need to see what I’m putting out. 

So the fear that people are going to get upset because it’s the same message over and over again is most likely the minority. What in reality is that people are seeing fuck all of your content unless you’re paying for advertising. If you’re doing this organically there are three chances that they will see your message multiple times unless they have specifically shown interest in what you say is minimal. And if they have specifically shown interest in what you say that it’s not going to bother them because they like what you say, Does that make sense? So that’s just some food for thought that I wanted to bring on this month when thinking about delegation. Now the interviews that you’re going to hear this month, I am. I had so much fun sourcing these people, and you’re going to hear that in these interviews. I specifically went out looking for these women because they are just amazing. 

These are professional women in their fields who are going to come on today and today. They’re going to come on this month and talk to you about the different ways that you can free up your time and how they can help you. These aren’t sales pitches, but there it’s more like ways to consider outsourcing your life, your business life. I’m not talking like personal assistance or anything like that. I have a fantastic entrepreneur named Sam Clancy who’s going to come on and tell you about her experiences in letting go and bringing people on to help grow her business. I have an attorney who’s coming in talking about when you need to hire an attorney, and when you could do street, you’re on your own. I have my favorite SEO professional Jordan, who is coming on to talk to you about SEO And when to tell you I want to give up that energy of trying to make Google happy, which I’ll talk to you about in the episode. But just in case you don’t hear that episode, I use Jordan. She is 31 and handles my SEO optimization for my blog posts and my content, and I have the ability to pay someone else to deal with that worth its weight in gold. Dude like that is just something you know, how is he always like that is just something just tank off my list and just audios Jordan’s problem now. 

And finally I have Hera coming on who is a marketing specialist and you’re going to see, like we fall in love. We have such a good time talking about our businesses and how you can utilize outsourcing to just save your life, save you so much time. So I hope this month is really helpful for you. If it is, please do me a favor and leave a review on the podcast app of your choice. 

We had to move. We didn’t have to move. I’d made the decision to move to a different podcast host and consequently, we lost all of our reviews. It was totally my fault. I wasn’t aware of that. And now I can’t get them back. So we’re trying to build them up from scratch again. If you could do me a huge favor, do me a huge solid and leave a review of this month or this episode or the whole thing, whichever feels best in your heart. Oh, my God. I would so appreciate it. Thank you again so much. I can’t wait for you to hear all of these amazing women. I think they’re gonna blow your mind. 

I think this month is gonna be a really special month for all of us. And in the meantime, leave a review. You will make me the happiest little Megan in the world. And I will talk to you later. Yeah. Hey, guys, making here how your conversion is doing may be a little won’t won’t. I am here to help you with this exclusive free training about two phrases you can use that Just boost your conversions like kapow. But there’s a catch. It’s totally free. But you have to get it in my Facebook group. That’s the only place it’s available. 

So to join, joining my Facebook group is totally free. It’s at Once you join, you’ll be able to get access to the training that shows you to stupidly simple phrases you can use to add oomph to your conversions in your marketing. It’s gonna blow your mind. And I am so excited for you to check it out again, I’ll see you there in the next episode.

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