Season 3 Episode 19: How to Invest in Your Business with Tangie Seals

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Investing in your business should always be a smart decision. How would you know if you are actually doing the right thing?

Find out great tips about smart investing with Tangie Seals.

4:36 On how Tangie transitioned in doing it full-time

11:26 changing the mindset about money and wanting to accept money

22:00 how to get comfortable investing in your business

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Hey guys, Megan here, welcome to stop sucking your business. This interview I love I love because we’re going to tackle one of the most terrifying subjects that many of us have. Um, and that is money. Talking about getting over a fear of money. And I’m brought on Tangie Seals, who is a money mindset coach, to talk about her journey from getting into $33,000 worth of debt and paying that off in 18 months. And it’s just such a fascinating interview. And I love how she talks about just having to switch her relationship with money and the doors that opened up after that for not only for her personal life but for her business as well and now she is a real estate mogul. If she’ll let me say that she is a money coach, she has people come to her about money and just like, imagine the transition that had to be in her mind to be $33,000 in debt scarcity mindset, afraid to spend money and now just having the world come to her to learn how she got out of that. I love it. I love her. She is just charming and wonderful. And I hope we can be best friends after this. But here is my interview with Tangie Seals all about learning to love money. Tangie thank you so much for being on stops looking at a business. This is so exciting, I’m excited to be here, So I love you Know, you and I originally started talking on Instagram and I found your story so incredibly amazing. And I’d love to talk about your journey from 30,000 plus in debt into becoming a money mentor, and that is just super fascinating. Would you mind going through it with us? 

Sure, so when I like a lot of people, I graduated college and had a ton of debt that was staring me in the face. You know, all of that, that college happiness. I’m so smart, all that goes away, and then you find yourself staring at debt and I remember feeling paralyzed and completely hopeless with it. But knowing that I didn’t want to be a person who was living a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. And so I just consumed every personal finance resource that I could to learn how to, you know, tackle, tackle this problem and become debt free and start building wealth for myself and not just for myself. I also think it’s important for us, especially women, to try to build generational wealth. And so I’m. Once I embarked on that path, I learned a lot of different tools. I learned a lot of different formacion, and then I found myself sharing a lot of that information with friends and with family members and, you know, with my sisters. And you know, I have nieces and people kind of who were younger than me, and I found myself just sharing that information. And I was like, Well, why don’t you share this information with everybody, Spread it to the masses? And so that’s kind of how I made that shift. You know, I had my own experiences with being in debt to also having a very positive and very healthy net worth, and I just want to see other people do the same thing. I really want to see other people do those things and especially women. I want to see women, you know, elevate themselves financially. 

That’s beautiful. So when did you decide that this was going to be like the full time pursuit for you. Were you working elsewhere while you started to build this? Or like, what was your transition into this full time position? 

Yes, so I was working and also doing kind of slowly building, not honestly, not knowing what I was creating, I should say that I should say that. And I think a lot of entrepreneurs can relate to that. You know, you have this passion. You have this thing that you want to do or you have this information that you want to share with the world. And you start kind of doing it informally through maybe Instagram stories that I’d share about investing in some good reply and asked me a question. And I found myself giving them my two cents. No pun intended, giving them my two cents or giving them, You know my advice on the matter. And then I just found myself playing like, Oh my gosh, this is so fun. This is so great. And then I decided to start a block and just talk. Just just just talk and put it out there and That was kind of the first step for me, just really using writing as an outlet to talk about my story and to kind of just share my thoughts on money and wealth creation. And then I was kind of accidentally unintentionally stumbling into building something because I didn’t have a goal necessarily to to share this information where formally I just thought, you know, hey, I’ll write about it. And then I was like, Oh, people, people are actually asking me questions. People seem to enjoy what I’m saying. People seem to want to know more. People seem to want, you know, more in depth information. And then that’s when I decided that I would kind of, you know, take things to the next level and have something to offer to people.

that I loved. And I loved that it became this organic flow of. I love doing this. Now I can start doing it professionally. You know what I mean? 

A lot of there’s so many entrepreneurs that I meet who, you know, it just says something that eats are passionate, starts with something that’s that’s hobby ish, and we are accidentally creating a business out of it. Does that happen? That kind of makes sense. I have who does that, who have, like who accidentally? For example, I have a friend who’s a photographer and she actually takes a lot of my pictures and, you know, she was working and she’s just like, I like to take pictures. I’d like to take pictures of people And then she just learned more about cameras announced. Now she’s at the point where she has a big fancy camera and equipment and lots of clients, but it just started because she just was a girl with the camera. She likes to take pictures, and people were like, I want my picture taken so on, then it’s like, Oh, well, do you wanna give me some money for it? And then it’s just like it slowly progressed. And now she has a photography business and, you know, again, lots of clients. And now she’s kind of taking the next step into doing more of media and like filming and video things and I’ve seen, I’ve just I’ve seen lots of women, just kind of slowly and accidentally. Women and men accidentally form a business and you’re like, Oh, this is a thing like I can I can work with this. I can make money off of this and I could do this full time. 

I love that and especially for a market that is saturated, like a photographer you can still be like, I am this passionate that I’m not gonna let that scare me. And this is going to be my business. My goal, my everything.

Right and I think that is important. I still deal with, like, these feelings of well, should I should I even bother? I’m almost like, Well, there are a lot of people talking about money. People have been talking about money since it was a thing like do. Why should I write about money? Why should I talk about money? Do we need to have another voice about money on your right? Photography is actually a really good example, because it is a market where you feel like it’s so oversaturated. And I know there’s some people who think, Well, I like taking pictures, but you know, iPhone people taking pictures down their iPhones isn’t even worth me starting my own photography business and it’s like hell. People like me can’t take a damn good picture on the phone and I will happily give you money to take my picture and make me look good in it and so, I think that we still, I do and probably you Sometimes, you know, we still feel these feelings of like, Oh, my gosh, so many people do that. So many people have podcasts. Should I start my own podcast? And it’s like, Why not their eight billion people in the world? Guys do it. There’s someone out there who’s going to read your content. There’s someone out there who’s gonna listen to your podcasts or watch your YouTube video or buy your product. There are a ton of people out there, and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because you feel like the space is too competitive, 

Right, Absolutely. I saw this great meme that was, uh, someone’s tweet. It said something like, There’s a YouTube video about how to open a zip file, and it has 40,000 views, so, like so girl go right your block post because someone is going to be someone needs it.

Absolutely if you’re putting content out there, I think that helps people. I think if you kind of have, a helpful approach with whatever you’re doing, even if it is like you, for example, like right now a business that’s a product based business idea that’s really popular is selling masks on and on etc. Like a lot of people are selling masks etc. Right now a lot of people are selling masks etc. Right now, and I bought Mass from different, I always try to buy from a different business because I like to try to support small businesses, and it’s funny because some of them I’ll go to like the 10th page, you know, I’m like, I want to find somebody who’s like way at the back who may not have as many sales and I’ll still go to their shop, and it’s like this person has made 10,000 sales this month. You know, it’s like, everybody’s on Etsy selling mass right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be either. People hate them. You know you’re doing something with the intention of providing people with a product that they need, right? That’s helping somebody and you should go ahead and do it. And you should be happy to accept that money in return.So, just because someone’s already doing it to me, I take it as a good sign. Well, hey, people are doing it. That means people want to consume whatever product or service or that content is. You know, there’s already a market for it, So why not you? 

I want to talk about something you just said, which was so brilliant , like accepting the money and accepting the money for your work. I think that, you know, as women. But many entrepreneurs were afraid to ask for the sale. And I think it becomes almost like we’re afraid of money because we’re afraid that either we don’t have the value to exchange or it’s rude or something like that. So can you talk about just how you change your mindset into wanting to accept money? 

I’m a sensitive seller like that. That, for me, is uncomfortable. Even the idea of sales should be honest. Sometimes I can hear the word sales or sales call or sales page, and it still makes me like, Stop saying that because we have this sales and selling has gotten like a yucky reputation because there are some people who are yucky salespeople. And so now we just associate those words with those yucky, yucky sales people. Just because you’re selling and just because you’re asking for money does not mean that you’re, you know, that that stereotypical idea that we have some sleazy person who’s not giving you something of value but still wanted to take your money I think that’s where that that kind of stereotype comes from. It’s like, Okay, this person is trying to, you know, screw me over and they’re looking out for themselves and I. It’s like it’s like a zero sum, like they are in order for them to when I have to lose. And I think whatever we get rid of those stereotypical like ideas of what sales is and what sailing is and like, I am giving you something that’s helping you and you’re giving me money was just helping me. And now we have this very fair, very even exchange. So it’s ok, so I think that you just have to remind yourself that what you’re giving away, it’s something that’s valuable. What you’re giving away is something that is, it’s useful and it’s helpful, and they will go on and be able to improve their lives or whatever situation they’re in because of what you’re giving them. And so you need to take the money. You need to sell that to them because it has to be an even exchange. You know, I think it’s just it’s almost kind of like an energy flow. You know, if you’re just constantly giving and giving and giving and no energy is being returned back to you, eventually you will be depleted. So I know this is kind of like blue and fluffy and out there, but I think it’s necessary. I don’t think that you could just always give, give give there has to be something that’s flowing in, even if you think of like, for example, like nonprofits and NGOs, right, those organizations tend to be giving money away a lot, but they’re also receiving money in the forms of, you know, grants and donations and things like that. So you as long as you’re doing things with the intention of helping people be happy, be happy to take that money in and keep in mind two guys. A lot of people are happy to give money. I enjoy giving money to whether it’s for a good cause or whether it’s for I’m going to get this amazing product. I enjoy paying for things that I know are of quality. I enjoy buying, you know, if I’m gonna pick up, take out and it’s from a delicious restaurant I had. I went to this really good Mexican restaurant last weekend, and it was delicious and it was pricier, But I was happy to pay that tab. I was happy to tip. I was so happy because I knew what I was getting was delicious. I was getting really great food, so they were giving me something valuable enough quality, and I was happy to give them the money. Now, if it was gonna be crappy food that was gonna make me have to go crap or whatever, then no, I mean, I probably would feel like Oh, like I feel like it would be that that traditional sales anything. Well, I’m going to take this and I’m gonna lose, but you’re going to get money out of it. And then, you know, there would be this weird energy and this weird feeling about it. But if you know that what you’re doing is quality and that it is a value, give it and take the money and it’s ok, It’s ok. People are happy to pay for quality, valuable products and services. 

And I that’s so beautiful and such a perfect way to put you know, like my husband’s birthday was last week, and so we can’t go out to restaurants yet, but we had an amazing Indian take out, and it’s it was super expensive, but it was so like the experience was worth it. And it had so much value in our lives that it makes sense we would invest in it, you know.

Exactly like it made you feel good, right? The food was good. It made you feel good. The time at the restaurant that I went to I was like, Oh, my gosh, this is the bed. Like it was, it was so good to stop myself because I was like my stomach’s gonna hurt. And I was already, like, I was telling my boyfriend, I’m like, When can we go here again? Like I was eating up already planning the next meal Like, you know, it was. It was that good and we both enjoyed it. So we got to have a very pleasurable experience, the two of us over a delicious meal. That’s an experience that we’re willing to pay for again. And so, I think it’s, uh and you also can’t. You also can’t doubt the value of what you’re putting out there. I think sometimes that comes from the fact that we just feel like everyone doesn’t need it. Like, for example, I know there are a lot of people out there talking about money and providing resources is on money. And so sometimes I’m like, Well, well, what I have to say it’s probably out there in some way, shape or form. People can go do different bits of research and maybe piece together what I’m thinking. And, you know, sometimes I kind of start to psych myself out that way, and it’s like you can still share that, too you know, you could still share it too. Maybe people don’t want to go to this place in that place, and maybe they don’t know what to search for. Google is on some search engine to find those bits and bits of information. So I’m here, let me put it together and provide it to you in this one resource and give it to you. And there you have it. Some people are happy about that. I know with me whenever I need some sort of like, let’s say it’s like tech. I’m not that tech savvy, which is why I’m dating an engineer. He’s great, but I have to do something like tech wise, and I don’t wanna go look it up. I don’t even want to read instructions. I just want someone to explain it, like in a video. So you might say, Well, I want to start a YouTube channel on how Thio create cool video settings on your camera or something. I don’t know. And you’re like, Well, you can read the instruction manual or there are a million blog’s out there about that. It’s like, Well, if you’re me, I don’t. This instruction manual doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to read like reading a blog is not going to give me the instruction that I need to operate my camera. Well, I can’t digest that kind of information just through reading. So no, I do want you to start your YouTube channel giving tech tips and media tips on how to operate a camera because that’s gonna help me digest that information. So I think sometimes we feel like it but the information is out there anyway. Why should I package it and put it out there? Why should I package it and sell it? You should, because some people wanted in that package that you’re giving it in. Some people don’t want to go out there and do the work and piece it together. And I’ve gotten to the point just in my life in my business that I’m that way. I definitely was the person before he was like, No, I don’t wanna buy anything. I don’t wanna do this. I don’t really do that. And I can figure it out myself. And I think a lot of us used to be that way. And so whenever we’re thinking of selling our product or service. That’s how people like, why would they want to buy this thing when they could just go get it for free? Or even if you give something free, like your blogger YouTube? Well, again, there are other places where they could go see it. Why? I want to do my own thing, but again, like how we are now, Like we’re happy to pay for help, we’re happy to pay for a product or service. That’s great for us. So keep in mind that there are, there are the people who may be where you are in the beginning, where you don’t want to spend money and you want to do it all yourself. And then there are plenty of people who are also in the space where they do want to spend money for that help or for that resource, or just because there is other photography. YouTube channels out there doesn’t mean that they won’t find yours and find yours helpful. Some think that we tend to sometimes get our own heads and like our own selves out because it’s scary. It’s so scary. Even when you’re doing it, it’s scary. I’m scared talking to you on this podcast. I’m scared of this right now. You know, I’m scared of like, wherever this goes live, I’m gonna be like, Oh, my gosh, it’s I did it. Like what? What the heck it’s full of discomfort. And for me, that was something that had me starting and stopping A lot in the beginning. And I’m like, Oh, my God, this is just This is just so like I’m freaking out and not even really know what I was freaking out about. But I’m just like, Oh, my gosh, I’m freaking out. I’m nervous and anxious, And then once, I just got okay with that feeling. I was like, Okay, well, this is just how this feels for me. I think this is how it feels. And every time I do something, it’s okay. It’s the best suit. 

There’s so much I want to digest in that because you’re so right on so many different things. But, you know, people saying like, Oh, uh, you’re afraid that someone will say, like, I could do this myself. I ran a soap and skin care company, and I would go to street fairs or crafters whatever. And there would be people like I could make that lip balm on like, but they don’t and they won’t so it’s, people could do it, but they won’t. And another example, I, uh my first website I built when I was 16, you know, like I was a total nerd. Four websites CSS like all of that fun stuff. But I still pay someone to do all of my website updates because it’s yes, I could do it.

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But I need to work on other things I need, like my time. It costs me less money in the sense of what my hourly rate is. It costs me less to have someone else do it faster than me doing it longer or like having to Google this and trying to, you know, get my old expertise updated like it’s just way easier and cheaper to pay someone else to do that. I just segue into how do we get comfortable investing in our businesses? 

Man and you’re talking. I love I love that we’re talking about this because I’m just now making that shift. Probably like the end of last year is I mean, that’s where I started to say like, Okay, look, enough is enough. Like I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of not getting the things done that truly need to get done. The things that only I could do because I’m worried about because, like okay, for instance, I had to dio what was wrong. Something happened. Something weird was going on. I use WordPress for my website and something weird was going on and I couldn’t figure it out, and I’m like, trying to fix it and I spent, like, two days just researching and reading and China and how this is stupid. And so I went and like you did, I found someone. I was like, Hey, this is the problem that I have with my WordPress. Here’s my information. Here’s my log in Can you please just please go fix it payment, Go fix it and like it within a few hours. He’s like Okay, it’s done and everything was fine. And I was like because it would have taken me, like a month to, Whatever. I don’t know what he didn’t even know what he did in the back. And all I know is that The site was working and I was happy, and I was just like, I can’t keep being and I can’t keep staying up until 3 a.m. Working on something techy in the back. And that’s not my area of expertise. I’m not that great at it takes me way too long, and I had way too many sleepless nights and then deadlines that I set for myself in terms of getting different projects. Then I kept saying that I was pushing them back and pushing them back and pushing them back because I was so stuck on trying to fix this one issue that just it’s not. I was not meant to fix it. it’s not what I do. And after just being tired of being tired after being tired of being exhausted and not having just energy anytime I gave myself an off day, so to speak, not wanting toe, hang out with my family or go, you know, pre pandemic. Go out to dinner with my family or go do different activities with them. And then quality of life took a hit. And I am someone who is all about quality of life and happiness, like if something is not serving me and if it’s not making me happy, it has got to go. And then that’s when I finally said, Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and start investing in the help that I need for my business because it helps my business run more efficiently. It gives me my time back so that I could spend my time doing the things that only I could dio and like you said, it’s actually costing me if I’m pushing. If I’m pushing things back and pushing deadlines back. It’s costing me money to try to go and fix this issue that I’m never gonna be able to fix. So it is better off for me. It is better for me financially to go ahead and just pay for them. Want to do this so that I can stay on track to do the things that I need to do. So, it was finally after just not having time to spend with friends and family and do the things that I enjoy and after not getting enough sleep for a few months. And I was just like, Okay, like, screw this, I’m over it. Let me pay for the help that I need in my business and I get it. I know some people, even once you start paying for help that you need, it still is kind of like, Oh, my gosh, I don’t want to spend money, someone who’s like I love money and I’m super frugal. So I try to do things first if I can. When I’m like a cook, I try to cook first, and it doesn’t taste good, so I go out to the really fancy, delicious Mexican restaurant, but so I am doing, like I was trying to set up a sales funnel. So a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs can relate to sending up funnels and establishing that. And I found myself doing again a ton of research and trying to figure out all of this text stuff. And I was like, This is stupid. I’m tired of this. I’m spending more All the time I’ve spent researching like I could have just had some software and created the damn funnel in a day rather than like, the month that I spent doing research. And so I was like, Okay, let me just go ahead and pay. Let me go ahead and pay for software and for a resource is gonna help me create funnels. And I don’t have to worry about the text stuff. I just have to type, actually type and upload Cem Cem images, and then it’s done. And so, I think once you find that you’re not able to do the things that you enjoy anymore. Once you find that you’re not able to actually create in your business the way that you want in the way that you need to and on the schedule that you have set for yourself. And then it’s time Thio outsource and especially if you have in, like revenue coming into your business, it’s OK. Thio Thio to spend. I think sometimes once we go from not making any money and they were like, Whoa, I’m making money in my business and you just like I just wanna hold it on e Don’t spend any of it. I don’t and I’m like, It’s okay, it’s okay and I do just kind of energetically, I think I think money needs to move. I think money needs to change hands. And I think that you need to be okay with and on and happy to spend money again on something that’s quality, to push that money back out there because I do think that still, it’ll come back to you in spades. If you’re willing to do that.

I completely agree and it’s so funny that I was in that mindset of like I don’t have money to spend like I cannot physically spend money. But then it was like it. I switched my mindset into It’s not I can’t it’s how I’m going to earn this. And what I did was I realized that, my what developers name is Govinda is like, If Govinda is doing this, I don’t have to worry about that. The time that I spend now can be on making products or interviewing people or, you know, like generating ways to grow my business. And I’m not down in the trenches anymore. And so how do I find this money? I find this money by creating products, and that’s how I spend that time, you know, so that . But I agree It’s not an easy mindset to get into, especially when if you’re a person who thinks, like, I only have a certain amount of money and like you’re not thinking like, you know, there are infinite ways to get this money happening, you know what I mean? 

Right, Exactly. I think it’s another thing that at least for me, that was happening, I thought at some point making those types of decisions should become comfortable, like in my entrepreneurship journey. I was always looking for comfort, and I wanted everything to just feel right. And I wanted everything to feel ok and like I said, I just had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Everything to me feels scary. Everything feels uncertain. I just feel constant like I’m just like, flailing and just and just hoping that that I’m not gonna fall and stumble. And yes, every time I have to decide to spend, you know, a few 100 or even a few $1000 on some resource, it doesn’t feel good. I’m not like, Yes, I’m gonna spend $2000 today. This is just going right like it’s not enjoyable. But I just know what needs to be done. 

That’s the dance American Express is doing, not the one that you’re doing 

Exactly and so I think some people are at least entrepreneurs that I’ve spoken to and just kind of gotten a feel for how they feel, you know, with their business or with starting their business or being in the early stages of their business. I think a lot of times they can relate to or like, but I just wanted to feel comfortable, like if It was comfortable, I do it. If it was comfortable, I’d start the business. If it was comfortable, I’d start a blogger channel. If it was comfortable, I’d spend money on the help. It’s not going to be comfortable. It’s so new to you. If it’s it’ll probably be comfortable 20 years down the line. And honestly, who knows if that’s even the case? I mean, you have people like I don’t know, like, who are really successful in their space. People like Beyonce, who? I’ve heard many interviews with her, where she talks about how nervous she gets to be on stage, and she’s been like singing that she was like 10, and she’s 40 this, like she’s like she’s been doing this her entire life, and she’s like, I still get nervous on stage. I still get stage fright. She goes out there and does it Anyway. We can tell it’s okay if it’s not comfortable for you, but you have to be willing to step into that discomfort and power through it anyway. And then the minute you do in the minute that you stay consistent with it, I think that’s the biggest thing is just being consistent because you may not see the results that you want right away. Kind of like investing so I took people with money, Kind of like investing. You’re gonna do this thing and you’re not going to see any returns for, like, three years, maybe and with your business, you may have to. You may start that log, and no one may read it for the first six months Bond. Then finally, it picks up. And so, you know, be okay with feeling a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning. And then just know that as long as you are being consistent and persistent with your journey that you’ll eventually get to where you want to be. I think that most people fail because they stop. The fear becomes so paralyzing that they freeze the tracks, they go right back to whatever is comfortable for them and then they always wonder. What if I had continued on with my business idea? What if I’d continued on doing that thing that my heart desired? And now I’m back doing this same thing. This comfortable thing but I’m not as fulfilled or not as happy as I am if I had probably, you know, finished my goal and kind of saw that dream through. 

Well, let’s talk about a little bit investing in something intangible. So, you know, we’re talking about freeing up our time and things like that. But one of the things that I have noticed and that I’ve struggled with two is investing in, like, coaching or masterminds or, you know, like things that aren’t exactly tangible. A,B,C,D,E,F,G goals. But how do you recommend people get more comfortable with doing things like that? And in a way, that is, I was gonna say, like in a way that they’re not scared of, like, I’m just throwing money away. 

I definitely have had those feelings before, and I am someone who has been coached a few times. I love it. I love it. I think it’s a I think that whenever you’re trying, thio, elevate and get to any any level, whether it’s like maybe you want to lose. £20. I don’t know. I get, like, a six pack or something, right? If you’re like Okay, well, I am. You know, I’m very far from whatever that goal is, and I don’t know how to get to where I wanna be. Or maybe maybe you’ve been like, Well, okay, I lost £10 already have 10 more to go, and I still want to get that six pack, but that that’s the part of struggling with, Like, even if you’ve made a little bit of progress on your own and you’re still struggling to kind of get to those next steps or to kind of get to that next level, I think that’s when you need to be honest with yourself and and say, Hey, it’s okay to pay for the help that I’m going to get And know that a lot of the world’s most successful people have coaches and multiple coaches, and sometimes they continuously are being coached and paying top dollar for it, because the benefits that they gain, the information that they learn, the benefits that they gained, the network that they create and the resources that come about out of having that that coaching service were being a part of the coaching program. It’s giving them so much more so even If you do spend 3,5 $10,000 you know, whatever. Whatever suits you and your business in your budget, even if you spend that money, if you’re spending it again on something that’s quality and something that’s a value and hopefully you are picking, you know, looking into a service provider who does have something valuable to offer eso definitely do your your research and make sure that they’re a good fit for you to, because doesn’t necessarily mean that maybe they aren’t. I’m trying to say it doesn’t mean like, sorry, Sorry. You’re gonna have to edit this part now. But you also want to make sure that you find a coach or a mentor who is just in alignment with you and what your goals are. You know, there are so many people out there offering different services, and they’re great and they’re talented, But maybe not everybody is for you and the type of business that you have and that you’re trying to create. So I think it’s definitely important to find somebody that you feel aligned with. But I think that you have to acknowledge that we all need help and in all aspects of our lives. We all need help. We all need to reach out for it. Yes, you can go on the Internet and do a lot of Googling and get free help and free resources. But I think that you like direction. You find yourself looking at this thing and find yourself looking at that thing and researching this and researching that and trying Thio learn about sales and trying to learn about marketing and trying to learn about your website and trying to learn about your blog and then then Facebook ads, and you’re doing it all kind of without this direction. So you may enjoy a coaching program or a mastermind that helps me with all of those things, but then their structure to it. And you’re just kind of relying on this one. This was this one avenue, this one resource, and they’re giving you structure and guiding you through it. And then you also have people, and they’re with you to rely on and to network within to bounce ideas off of. So I think there’s a lot of information out there, I have a big D.I.Y. with a lot of things in my life too. But sometimes we do need a more tailored approach. And we need structure if we want to elevate our businesses so that we could actually get more money because that’s what we’re in business for, we want to earn money. We want to do lots of other things, like, you know, help people or make cool, fancy mass or create YouTube channels. But we want to make money at the end of the day. That’s why we’re doing this. And so you have to keep in mind that, if you want to make money, you need to, you know, fine tune your business at some point once you get started, once you get it going or even once you have that idea, you can fine tune everything, so reach out for that help. It’s okay to pay for it. As long as you’re in alignment with whoever the leader of that community is, and then taking all that information, get, get the help that you need and then watch your business grow. I’m someone who has. Like I said, I’ve invested in lots of, you know, resources from coaching programs and even different courses on, you know, specific areas where I want help in. And they were always expensive. I was never happy about spending the money. I’ve always learned something, and that money has always come back to me many times over every single time. 

That’s so true. It’s, you know, I had a business coach for a while who was fantastic. I loved her a lot, but it just became, uh, had grown into a different path that I wanted to take. So I went to another business coach who was way more expensive. But she was way more specialized. And it was kind of like, you know, like you still, even when you’re in this space, you’re still like, uh, this is a big jump, but it has to be. It has to be a smart investment, and I think that, like you said, like doing research and making sure this is an alignment with you. Ask questions, ask billions of questions. You know, this is you should be investing in things that are working that are going to work for you, and that’s segment into this question of when do you think, like, what are things to avoid when it comes to either investing in business or investing in life like, you know, something that comes to mind is just people just spending tons of money on things they never use or spending like investing in stocks, sort of stock market and having no research like, how do you recommend people avoid that trap or get out of that trap?

So I think in terms of that’s a great question because it does relate to a lot of things, in terms of your business, So okay. For example, whenever I was looking for just more help, I wanted to be in a coaching program. And again, there are a ton of coaches out there. I was happy to sit through someone’s hour long webinar and because I know it’s a sales pitch, I know they’re trying to sell to me, but I was trying to get a sense for who gets a feel of who this person was. Don’t do it. I feel like my just my personality and who I am. Do I feel like it clicks with them. The information that they’re giving away to me for free. Do I feel that this is even valuable? Do I want to know more for that person? So I didn’t just say Oh, hey, this is a cool Facebook, and I’m going to sign up for your webinar. I’m gonna watch it. I’m gonna buy whatever you give to me. I I spent a lot of time going through that process and being on people’s email lists and reading their emails and learning more about them and following them on social media and seeing what they were doing and learning about their story and learning about their progress and and then and also their process. And you know how I got to where they are and so. That was my way personally of doing research on the coaches that I was interested in, you know, purchasing services from I just I wanted to spend more time with them. For me, one hour on a webinar wasn’t enough for me to make a 45 figure investment. I wanted more time, and then that’s when I made my decision to you know. Okay, I’m gonna, you know, go ahead and book a call or whatever, but I ease my way into it and I didn’t let myself be sold right away. I think sometimes some people, you know, sometimes we’re like, Oh, I don’t want to spend money. And then sometimes we’re like, Everything in that webinar sounds gray, you’re gonna make me a millionaire tomorrow? Yes. Here’s my $10,000 and it’s like No, no, no, no, Like, don’t don’t Don’t be sold to too quickly if it doesn’t make sense or if it’s not right for you yet So I also went into everything with the mindset of I am not buying today like I am not buying today I am going to buy. And I and I knew that I wanted to buy And I also was honest about that. I want something, but I want to make sure it’s for me. Before I just spent my money and eventually found, you know, great coach and, you know, paid for it later. But I just wanted to do research and it was a great experience. I learned so much she was fantastic. She was so great. But I wanted to use my way into that. I didn’t just want Thio, you know, Sign up for the first coach, you had a Facebook ad that I saw, I think it’s It’s it’s okay Thio click and to get on people’s email lists and to to kind of get into their communities in that way and learn a little bit more about them. But like I said, don’t let yourself be sold too soon because you could fall into being with a coach who’s great. He’s talented, but maybe your goals and who you are just kind of really don’t align with who they are, what they’re doing, because I’ve also had that happened to me before, too, and and in terms of investing like you, it’s the same thing. Like it’s tough for me. So last week I’ll say this. Last week I deposited $2000 into my Robin Hood account. There are a lot of other things I’d rather do with my $2000 but I had to say I was a lot of things that I could do today with my $2000 I probably need more than 2000 to do all the things I wanna do today, but I had to say Okay, well, no, I’m going to, you know, put this 2000 away and part ways with it. It sucks. It hurts a little bit, but I’m gonna part ways with it for a while. It’s gonna grow and become way more than 2000 later, you know? So you have to be willing to part ways with that lump sum of money now and know that in time, you know, whatever you gain from, it is gonna be so much better than whatever the value is or whatever it’s worth today. And but it is important to always always research and always do your due diligence so that you don’t end up being someone who’s like Okay, well, now you know I’m 20 grand into this, and I’ve learned nothing or my business has not gone anywhere because that’s happened to a lot of people. But I think that you can mitigate that. You could prevent a zoo, as long as you do a lot of your research, because no one wants to make a big investment without knowing what they’re getting into first.

Right? And I want to talk to you so much more about things like, money, mind sets and abundance and things like that. But we’re running out of time, so I’m going to direct people to talk to you because you are the master. So how could my listeners get a hold of you? 

They can get a hold of me on my website, and through my instagram I love Instagram and I love communicating with my community on instagram so you can find me on Instagram@Tangie Seals. And if you have a more in depth question or you want to know more about me and something that I’m not showing on my block or anything like that, I get lots of emails from people who are like, I want to see your budget or what have you invested in and blah. You want to know more of those, you know, details and all of that before you just send me an email on my email address is 

And let’s talk about the Ebook coming out. Yes, So I am, uh, finished putting the finishing touches on an E book that’s actually been shaped based on a lot of emails and D m’s that I get from people about money and budgeting and investing and paying off debt, you know, there’s a lot of information out there like you said, There’s a lot of information out there on it, and sometimes people just want to know where to get started. And you just kind of want a framework to follow while you’re on that journey. And so I just pieced together everything from the emails that I got because I found myself giving the same responses to a lot of, you know, over and over again. And I’m like, Okay, people want to know more about this, so I’ve put it all together and packaged it into an ebook that is easily digestible. It’s not written in this fancy Bumbo jump. I’m not talking about candle sticks and charts, and you’re not. You’re not going to get into that. We’re not doing anything like statistics and talking about, you know, finance and money on this. What feels like a college level I don’t like to talk about money that way and Iet’s very much just like for the regular person, the regular, a new investor or just a regular person who wants to become debt free and build wealth. You know, it’s just me and you chatting and giving you steps on how to go from being in debt to being financially free and sharing more information on my story and how it was how I was able to do that for myself.

 And we’ll link to it in the show notes. Absolutely. But can they get in on your website? 

Yes, it will be available on my website and again through my instagram. So, yes, you will be able to find it. And again, you can always reach out to me directly if you do have any questions or need more details. Great. 

Thank you so much for your time. Hindi. This was so helpful. 

Thank you so much. I really had a great time talking with you. I told you, I’m a chatty Cathy and I had so, so much fun. Thank you, Megan.

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