Season 3 Episode 9: Let’s talk about creativity!

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Hey, welcome. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, That’s a Is that loud? Welcome to September. Oh, where does the time go? It’s bananas. I can’t believe. I mean, I’m 36 so I should be. Should be used to this. But it just it gets faster every year, right? It’s I can’t believe it’s almost fall and my favorite time of year. So I’m super pumped about that. But, oh, how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go. I mean, I’m not gonna talk about politics, but too much, but just say, like, this year has been so crazy and who knows what’s gonna happen? But all we can do is take it one day at a time, right? I know that. I’ve been talking to a lot of you who are having anxiety and just shitty feelings about where we’re going. And so before we get into this month, I want to talk about just stay in the course and feel kind of like FDR C or something. But, you know, it’s if you’re listening to this and you’re feeling kind of burned out or shitty nervous, anxious about what’s to come, what could happen what couldn’t happen. What’s been happening? You know, first I feel you completely, And the advice that I can give you is to just keep whatever happiness you can afloat in your own little world. So one thing I’ve done is you know, I go on, read it a lot, and I have changed all of my sub read. It’s too positive ones like wholesome means or, you know, cancer jerks Just like stuff that is frivolous, um, inconsequential and makes me feel better. It’s just it that becomes my come down, my decompression, you know, before I was subscribed things like Am I Theus Hole, where people would just come in and say terrible things like about terrible things they’ve done. And it was sort of like I don’t bystander effect or voyeurism to just see people should all over these people or Newsworld news politics. I just It became such an addiction of of depravity that I it was causing me so much pain. And I didn’t even realize that until I got rid of all of these things and just started, like intentionally focusing on Onley positive stuff. Now it’s not to say that I don’t keep tabs on what’s going on with news, but I don’t focus on it as much, and I don’t I don’t let it in as often. If that makes sense. And I’ve been doing this since July, I think, and there is a definite difference. I didn’t think I thought it would just kind of be like, Oh, well, I’ll just miss reading about the news. But it’s there’s a definite mindset shift that happens there and even like my therapist. Is it? Is it? I don’t feel as anxious as much. And so if you’re feeling really shitty really down, that’s just my recommendation. Like try and intentionally keep the happy moments in your life afloat in any way you can if you have to block out the news than block up the news if you have to. You know, go and hide in your room, going high in your room. You know, do what you gotta do to promote yourself, care and your self esteem. I guess. Just esteem in the you are worthy of having a good life and being nice to yourself. So let me go. Let me get back to the issue at hand, which is not an issue. It’s the theme of the month, which is creativity, and this is one of my favorite topics. What you’re going to hear later this month is one of my blog posts about defining creative entrepreneur and to give you a quick spoiler, I used to shy away from saying I was a creative. I felt that it was very gratuitous or something, or it wasn’t something that people took seriously. I felt like it got co opted by the media to be negative, like millennial or, um, artisan or something like it just became it lost its meaning in the mix of things. And so I would say, like I have creativity or I am a creative person But I wouldn’t say I was a creative entrepreneur. Just it didn’t seem serious. And often I am a very serious business owner and Simples Ili. So I decided to take it back. I was going to say to anyone who asks, I am a creative entrepreneur, That’s what I do and that’s what I am and that’s how I help people. I promote their creativity or a spark, creativity and then like a muse. But someone who uses their muse for marketing and it’s it’s something that I have found the joy with. And so that’s why I wanted to bring people on this month to talk about their joy in creating and the creative process, the you know, how they lived their lives, how they balance their business with the artistic side of their life, and you know everything in between with that. I think that it’s so interesting and so cool to find artists creatives who I love it so much that it becomes a business. But they don’t lose the love that makes sense. You know what I mean? So that’s what I want to think about a lot this month and one. So when you’re listening to the episodes that are coming up, I have episodes with a sex coach. I have episodes with a woman who focuses solely on developing side hustles and not full time entrepreneurship and cool. Is that like, How amazing are these things? Sex coaching side hustles Lee. It’s cool. It’s so cool. It’s so fascinating. And it’s one of the reasons that this podcast and getting to talk to you brings me joy. I am so happy every time I hear back from one of you that say, like, that was a cool episode or hey, I have a question or like the more that I get to connect with you, that’s fucking cool, man. And I am very thankful that I get to talk to you. So this month for your creativity challenge. I want you to spend one day a week and it could be a couple hours. It could be a whole day. If you really want, you know, you you work the schedule for however, best works for you, and I want you to pick something each week to promote That is your creativity. So I’ll give you an example and mine. Uh, I’ll count mine because my associate mine is more sales, but it’s still creative. So what I did for September is I have, ah, whiteboard calendar, and it’s like a I don’t know, 24 inch by 24 inch white board that has a calendar blank on it and fill it out each month and each week in different colors. And I learned this from a woman named Mandy who use way we speak to know you’re gonna have to go on to my other podcasts, anything the beige, and talk to her because she is a badass. Anyways, Mandy was telling me about her, her whiteboard calendar and how she did like she broke the quarters up and put her goals and things like that, and she had different colors and she actually sent me a picture of it, which was really super helpful because I’m a visual person. So I kind of co opted this from her. And every week, in a different color, I picked one thing I want to focus on, like one product, one service, one project one client. You know, like what? Whatever it is social media, something that I feel I have to put my creative energy towards, and I just focus this shit on that, and I just It brings me one. It helps me focus. Because if you are like me, you’re a creative who has 56 plates in the air and you’re trying to spin them all and did a little, and it just doesn’t work. So by picking one thing a week to focus my creativity on towards whatever you wanna call it, it get the clarity that comes from that and the sense of satisfaction off completing something because I am. I will start things and never finish them. I am a honeymoon phase person, but the ability to just not even cross it off the list. But just say like this week, I put all of my energy towards this thing, and I am super pumped about it. That’s cool, right? That’s cool. It crosses something on the list. You’re still being creative. You’re still doing what you love and you’re getting shit done and you are accomplishing so much. Q4 is right around the corner and that I was gonna say, like, that’s our busiest time of year, Right? But who knows? Who knows what Q four is gonna look like in this kind of world? Economists are the problem. Let’s just say cautious about their predictions. And I think that, you know, even if it goes the way Q four has always gone pre cove it it still doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re diversifying your product. Line your plan, you know, whatever you wanna call it and utilizing a plan that’s already set of creativity. Let me let me put this another way by doing all the work now of focusing on creative pursuits and embracing your creativity. You lay the bricks of foundation towards whatever you’re working for your next school, and there is so much progress that happens from that. But I will be completely transparent, and there’s a lot of frustration in the beginning because you want instant results or you’re putting a lot of effort and work towards something that is a creative pursuit, and it’s not paying off, literally or figuratively, and it’s difficult, right? But if you think about spending this month just laying some foundational bricks by focusing your efforts on one creative pursuit of weak dude que for, it’ll be a breeze for you and I it just will, is there’s so much good that comes from laying foundational work. And so that’s what I want from you this month, and I would love to see that. So I want you to tag me on, instagram @stopsuckingatbusiness so that I can see your creative pursuits because I’m super interested in them or you can share on my Facebook group. It’s, because I couldn’t think of what to call it. So I just left. It is my name. There you go, and I am so excited to see what you guys are coming up with, and I want to support that. I think it’s really cool when we all support each other, and that’s what I want to do, and that’s what I can’t wait to see from you. And I can’t wait for you to hear these episodes this month. I think that they’re going to just spark some crazy creative energy in you. So until next week, I will talk to you then have a fantastic Week.

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