Season 4 Episode 16: My Money Plan for 2021

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What’s your limiting belief towards money?

Can creating a money plan change your money mindset and anxiety towards money?

Listen to this week’s podcast episode as Megan shares her money plan for 2021.

2:09 Megan talks about her plan for 2023

5:20 Anxiety around money

10:33 outsourcing more in her personal life


So can I tell you before we get started that it is April, right? April spring. Happy, beautiful. And I look on my weather forecast for this week and there’s snow expected in Rochester.

I need to get rid of it. Snow again. Get rid of it. Uh, hi. Sorry, sorry for that rant. I just had to let you know what’s in my mind right now. Thank you so much for listening in today.

It’s just going to be me and you today because I wanted to talk about breaking down my money plan for twenty twenty one and talk about the goals that I have some fears that I’ve been realizing I have too, and how I’m going to hopefully overcome them and some other fun little tidbits, I guess.

So let me start at the beginning. A very good place to start my plan for twenty, twenty three SEO two years from now is Steve and I want to move to a new house in Rochester and we like our house a lot. It’s been a great first house, but the neighborhood is getting really, really, really noisy. And for someone who does a lot of audio and video in their home, that doesn’t really work that well.

And it’s just I don’t want to live in a noisy neighborhood.

I don’t want to hear music blaring all the time. I don’t want it. I had paid way too many property taxes to have to deal with it. And so we are deciding to move somewhere still in Rochester in two years.

And we were thinking about going elsewhere, maybe starting towards the West Coast. But it seems like just with climate change and everything, that it’s probably best we stick to upstate New York.

So that’s what we’re going to do. Now, the challenge with this is well, let me start with a caveat. So we live in Rochester, New York, which is one of the lowest cost of living towns in the country. And we’re the third highest populated city in the state of New York. But we I don’t think we’re over a million people. I think we’re under a million really?

Eight hundred thousand or something like that. So for the record, the order is New York City and Buffalo and then Rochester. So we are in a relatively small town. We have a very low cost of living. And so the goals that Steve and I have for our money are much different than they would be if we lived back in Brooklyn. So when I say what I’m going to say, I hope that it doesn’t sound as privileged as I think it does just because it’s not we’re not doing this in Ohio or in Los Angeles or something like that.

So our goal for twenty, twenty three is to pay cash for our next house. We did that with this house and thankfully we did it when nobody was paying attention to Rochester. So we got a really great deal on our house, like we paid less than one hundred thousand. And this time we’ll probably have to pay more than 100000 most likely and will have equity from this house. And also, you know, we’ll be saving and working towards making our money work more for us for getting to twenty, twenty three.

But with this huge goal of paying cash for our next house, there are some things that I have to change and some things that I have to explore in the way that I am, the way that I think I can. And the way that I run my business, but also the way I run my life, and so I wanted to talk about the steps that I’m taking and kind of explore them with you and my own rambling sort of way that I hope you’ve come to know and love.

So first is I’m going to work on exploring the anxiety that I have around money. And I’d never really thought I had anxiety around money. I kind of thought that that was maybe something that everybody had and it wasn’t that big of a deal or it just, you know, it was a cute little quirk or something. But I realized we had to just get our roof redone. And for the deposit, I had to go get money out of our savings account.

Now, to do that, I had to go into the bank and I felt that I’m going to have to dress up. I’m going to have to wear things that aren’t sweatpants, put makeup on, even though I have my mask on, you know, like carry a nice bag, all of these things, because I don’t want to look like a bum getting this money out. And then I realized after I had done that, like I drove to the bank, nervous, nervous that they would say, no, you can’t have this or we don’t believe you, this is your money or something like that.

And I realized that I had some serious shit around money and my ability to access it.

Like I didn’t feel that I was worthy of getting the money that is in my own account.

I felt like I had to put on this show of, like, showing that I am worth getting this money out and that I deserve it and things. And that’s so ridiculous. Right? That’s so silly. It’s my money. It’s in my account. I’m not asking for a loan. I’m not asking for it. I’m just getting a deposit that we have to pay to get our roof redone.

And I realized that I had this problem with not just getting my own money out, but accessing money that was available to me. You know, I had I found out that I was eligible for the loan, the you know, the small business loan from the government, overcovered.

And I the first time that it came around, I said, no, I’m not going to do that. I’m not worthy. They’ll just tell me no. Those who say you can’t have it.

And they realized I had no basis for knowing that I had no expectation for, you know, saying you’re getting turned down.

I had no real I don’t know, there was no reality that was accurate to what the reality was in my head, if that makes sense.

And so if other people are getting this money and the government is saying, Megan, you are eligible, you can apply for this, then I should because it’s there and it’s available. And if I can use it the way that it’s supposed to be used and grow my business, then what is the problem?

So this time I did apply and got my stimulus loan and very thankful for it. And also just it’s been another part of this life where I have felt scared or unworthy of accepting things that are available to me. And so that’s something I’m going to be exploring with my therapist over the next couple of sessions, I think, because it’s such a weird mindset.

Don’t you think it’s so bizarre to be afraid of, um, of money, I guess.

And the funny thing is, I was telling you as old as Steve, my husband, and he doesn’t have this feeling whatsoever. It’s not funny. Just I think men probably don’t have these kind of emotions around money the way that women do. Hey, guys, Megan here, how are your conversions doing? Are they maybe a little won’t won’t. I am here to help you with this exclusive free training, but two phrases you can use that just boost your conversions like Papau, but there’s a catch totally free.

But you have to get it in my Facebook group. That’s the only place it’s available. So to join Jeremy, if he’s joining my Facebook group is totally free. It’s at Facebook dot com slash groups slash Megan Brame. Once you join, you’ll be able to get access to the training that shows you two stupidly simple phrases you can use to add on to your conversions in your marketing. It’s going to blow your mind. And I am so excited for you to check it out again.

Facebook dot com slash group slash Megan Brame. I’ll see you in there. And the guilt or the fear? So it’s just interesting to me that this does not enter my husband’s head whatsoever, but me, I’m just filled with anxiety that someone would judge me for wanting to get what’s available to me or what is already mine. So that’s been something that I really have recognized this year and really need to explore and figure out why I’m doing this to myself.

The next is I am going to outsource more and not only outsource more and my own business, I have my podcast editor less. Who’s listening to this? I have Dannica, my VA. I have given to my website helper and I have so many people who help me run my business that are so critical, but I don’t really have anybody helping me run my life, my personal life.

And this was another thing that I was just, oh, I’m not that kind of person who would have these kind of people.

And the specific ones are a landscaper and a house cleaner. Now, those just sound really extravagant, don’t they?

They sound really just a hoity toity or something. And they make me feel so guilty for thinking that I should have them or that I should have them available to me because, oh, I can clean up after myself or I can remodel the yard. I can do all of these things. I don’t need somebody else to do them. But the thing is, I say I’m going to do them and I never do them.

And they just become the guilt, the guilty message that’s in my day planner of something that I keep saying I’m going to do and I never do it. And so rather than making myself feel bad and rather than having my house look like a Miss Havisham house in great expectations was just cobwebs and dust. So much dust, you guys. Oh, God, it’s so disgusting in here. I’m just going to have somebody else do it. And so we’ve been pricing and I don’t have any prices for you yet, you know, but I’m thinking what’s going to be like 50 to 70 bucks a time?

And I only want them to come twice a month. So if it’s one hundred and fifty bucks ish for someone to relieve that for me so that I can focus on making money instead of the things that I’m terrible at all the better. And also with the landscape, I need somebody to come and weed our mulch and do it right, because I had not done originally any landscape fabric. I didn’t know that was a thing.

And so the edges of our yard are just really weedy and gross and I need somebody else to do it that knows how to do these things.

And so I can’t I can do them, but I won’t because I have other things to worry about. And Steve can’t do them because he’s recovering from rotator cuff surgery.

So like it said, I’d rather pay for the peace of mind. And so that’s something that I’m exploring. And again, this goes back to my anxiety of being afraid of money and being afraid of, uh.

I don’t know, what do you think I’m trying to get towards? I’m not entirely sure how to finish that sentence, but just I guess just being afraid, being afraid to spend the money or that I am unworthy of what money can do.

The next part that I am working towards on my goal of paying cash for our next house is twenty four hour windows.

I am an impulsive shopper, no doubt about it, especially for my business, especially for apps that I think can help me automate or run my business faster.

I am so bad at buying things that I never use and I’ll do that. You know, I’ve done that with Amazon, of course, but I do that a lot with apps, you know, and with lifetime deals because I think, like, oh, I’ll be able to use that someday.

That’ll be really helpful. This, I don’t know, Facebook agency strategy. That’ll be really helpful for me later on. And then, of course, I never use it because I’m not a Facebook ad agency. And so what I’m doing now is doing a twenty four hour window where something goes into my cart.

I cannot buy it for twenty four hours. I have to sit on it. Even if the deal’s closing, there will be another deal like it down the line. These businesses keep, you know, making new offers. There’s new businesses that pop up. I won’t miss anything by missing. Hold on this, so the 24 hour window has been very helpful and also I’m doing a monthly budget of 100 bucks allowed for apps every month. And so I’ve been really good at sticking to that, actually, and not going over nothing, saying, oh, well, this will be one hundred and twenty, so I’ll just borrow it from Nexon.

Now, I’ve actually been if I can’t if it goes over the hundred dollars, then it has to wait till next month and that’s just what happens. And so by changing all of this in my mind and removing these feelings that I’m having about money, these impulses and making taking steps to make my life better, where there’s less overwhelmed and less guilt is going to free up so much more opportunity for me, don’t you think? And that’s really the reason that I wanted to talk to you guys about this.

And I want you to think about things in your life.

That maybe give you pause, make you feel weird, make you feel unworthy if you have those and really just kind of explore them. Why is it that you feel you shouldn’t have somebody to help you clean your house? Why is it that you feel that you shouldn’t hire a VA? Why are these feelings in there? Why do you feel you should dress up when you go to the bank when it’s your money? And who cares? Why do you feel these things and how can you break that?

How is that limiting you? And that’s something that I’m exploring and I invite you to explore too. So that is my money plan for twenty, twenty one. And I will check in with you later on in the year and let you know how it’s going. But in the meantime, how does this helpful and I would love if you would come on my YouTube channel because what I’m going to start doing is weekly office hours where every day, not every day, once a week.

And I haven’t decided on the day of the week yet, but once a week I’m gonna go live, sit there, work, make you work with me, and then we’re going to chat. We’re going to do the Pomodoro method. And I want to be there with you while you’re working just for community, but also like if you have questions or if you need help or something like that, these are going to be my office hours. So if you go to Megan, Brame, dot com YouTube, that’ll take you right to my YouTube channel where you can subscribe, and then I will let you know when I’m going to start doing these office hours.

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