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Season 4 Episode 21: 4 Different Marketing Strategies To Use In Your Business

In this week’s episode, Megan shares her knowledge about the 4 different marketing strategies you can use in your business.


Hi, welcome to the show. I am so glad you’re here today. This is going to be Megan nerd moment because we’re going to talk about different types of marketing strategies you could use for your business. A lot of people are familiar mostly or only with the the theory of pain solution. So you suck at marketing. Well, I can help you with marketing. Here’s how I help you with marketing. And while that is very good, I mean, it’s elegant in its simplicity.

It is very effective. I feel like it’s also. Diluted. I feel like that message the problem solution isn’t enough for people who deal with business owners like business coaches, or if you work with other entrepreneurs or you work with small business owners, they’ve heard it a lot. And it feels like a lot of clients can get jaded about it. And they’re like, yeah, I know this spiel. What do you what else you got? So I wanted to give you a couple of different ways that you can actually utilize marketing strategies to your advantage.

And there are more out there than just problem solution. And so that’s what I want to cover with you. I talked about it a little bit last week, but like I said, this is going to be super nerdy Megan moment. So it requires its own episode. First, I want to talk about Ida. Ida is attention, interest, desire, action. And Ida is actually it’s been used for centuries, honestly, but that term was coined in nineteen twenty five.

So while it is a great marketing tool because it’s been here forever, it is also a little challenging to utilize in a digital space. It’s more about when you had someone just there was one point of entry into a sales funnel for you. Like you, they came into your shop and you got their attention and then you ended up getting them to purchase your product. Now, obviously, there are different ways people enter your sales funnel. There are different ways people interact with your brand.

I mean, not even different social media platforms. Think about people who use mobile more than desktop. These are different experiences. So I give you ADA with a little bit of a caveat in that the traditional way of using it is pretty difficult to use in today’s world. However, the principles of it are they’re good to get to that. They’re good. They they’re solid. There’s a reason they’ve been used for centuries and I love them. So what I’m going to do for each of these different strategies is utilize.

An example and show you how it would work in this SEO for all of these were going to use if I Megan was trying to grow my marketing services business like I wanted to add marketing, coaching or marketing strategy or something to my business. So that’s the example I’m going to use for all of these. So for ADA, the attention would be I help local businesses get found online by doing organic SEO blog posts and social media. The interest. My team has worked with some of the biggest names in business, including local businesses.

You see, it peaks their curiosity in the interest, his desire. You only days away from finally getting your business found online and to the next level. So that part is about the emotion behind what you’re selling and that’s what’s supposed to trigger them. The action is just your call to action. Hire me today. So that is how it works. Attention, interest, desire, action. It’s elegantly simple, but like I said, it’s not as straightforward as it used to be now that people can do different experiences.

So I would recommend Iida as more of like an advertising format than a full length marketing strategy. But it’s effective if you can get it right and if you can try it out. I would try that with a couple of different social media posts and just see the, you know, view your insights and see how that works for you, because it might be really refreshing for your followers who haven’t seen that before from you. The next one is before after bridge.

And this one is not as linear, which I like. I like that it’s sort of disruptive because it talks about the beginning, the after, and it leaves the solution for last rather than beginning solution result, its beginning result solution. So for a Megan Brame trying to grow her marketing business before small business owners and entrepreneurs often have trouble marketing their businesses. After I help small business owners and entrepreneurs figure out the best marketing strategy to reach their target audience bridge, my goal is to help you attract more customers and drive sales through the roof.

I can help you with social media, marketing, advertising and more so you’ll notice the before after bridge doesn’t actually have an action to it. There’s no call to action. It’s not incorporated into that. So I would say if it’s really before after bridge action, Babbo if you want, but. It’s still really disruptive, and I think that in a world where everybody’s kind of using the same marketing strategies, it’s interesting to give this a shot. So I would say before after bridge.

So what is life like before working with you? What is the result of working with you? How do you do it? And how are you going to pick my curiosity to get me into your funnel? The next is feature advantage benefit. So for Megan, the marketing strategist may feature I design and implement customized marketing plans for businesses advantage. I offer free marketing assessment and consultations benefit. You’ll get a customized marketing plan that helps you grow your business.

So future advantage. Benefit. It’s not my favorite, but it is still effective for the right industries. If you have someone that just want you to get to the point, they don’t want a lot of flourished language. They don’t want a lot of just there they remind me of being back in New York. Just get to the point. So I think that feature advantage benefits is a good solution, but I wouldn’t utilize it as the only solution because.

It leaves a lot out and it doesn’t actually motivate people, in my opinion, that said, it is effective in other industries and just because I’m not a huge fan of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Next, pain agitates solution. So this one is a little bit different than problem solution. It’s a little more nuanced, but you’ll see that it’s pretty similar. So you can kind of use these in, you know, interchangeably pain. Entrepreneurs often struggle when it comes to marketing their businesses and thus are not able to reach their full potential agitate.

But what if what if there was someone who could help you market your business by only a simple click of the button solution? I help entrepreneurs in their market retake solution. I help entrepreneurs in marketing their businesses both online and offline, by providing them with a range of effective marketing services. So you can see with pain, agitate solution. Pain is the problem they’re facing. Agitate is the little peak of curiosity. What is this about? What if I could you’re giving them a sneak peek behind the curtain into what their life could be like, and then you’re going into how you do it and how you solve things.

So pain agitate solution again, it’s a little it’s pretty similar to problem solution, the one that most people are pretty are familiar with. But it has that agitated part, which I find especially interesting. And I really like I really like the thought of showing somebody a little taste of what could be. You know, I think that that is a really effective sales tool that not a lot of people use or they don’t use it intentionally, do you know what I mean?

They don’t think like, OK, this is this is a step in this process that I want to work on. It’s more of just like a sentence or two that people think about as an afterthought. If they think that if you add more intentionality to what is that little peel back, what does that little teaser that I’m going to give them of what their life could be? I think that that’s really effective and really interesting. Now, the last one I want to talk about is my favorite.

Just from an alliteration standpoint, it’s called problem promise proof proposal. So for Megan, the marketing strategist, the problem is you want to know how to grow your business, but you don’t know how. Promise I can teach you the skills to succeed. Proof my clients report an average increase of 85 percent in sales after working with me proposal. Learn how I can help you grow your business. So in this. Solution, this marketing strategy can see it’s a little vague and it’s not intended to be that vague, honestly, I just wrote these up really quickly.

So this is more of a sales page copy than social media copy or email or anything shorter. I think that problem promised proof proposal is an excellent strategy for landing pages because you have that room to really talk about what your promises, what transformation you’re going to give your clients, your the ability to show them proof or customer testimonials through statistics, through data, whatever you want to put there. And you have the ability to place your proposal in multiple ways and you can test each of those ways.

So what I mean by that is if you change the copy in your buttons and see which button is more effective for getting somebody to click that kind of thing, I really love Promis problem proof proposal because it’s elegantly simplistic, but it has so much room for potential for someone to just run with it. And if you keep that framework in your head of how am I going to convert these people from just people showing up on my laptop, my landing page, or people just scrolling through Instagram, think about the different strategies that you can use.

That isn’t something they’ve seen before is something that’s going to make them slow their scroll and stop and read or check out your landing page, get all the way to the bottom of the landing page. Think about these different strategies and see if they might work for you again to go back over them later. Attention, interest, desire, action. Before, after bridge, before, after bridge and then action. But it’s not officially included in their features.

The next one features advantages, benefits, the next one pain, agitate solution. And remember, Agitate is peeling back the curtain and to triggering what they feel like their transformation could be what their ideal life would look like. Unless one problem promise proof proposal. Those are some time tested marketing strategies that not a lot of people talk about. And I feel like we need to start talking about them more often, especially when people are so used to seeing the same thing over and over again.

Be disruptive. Think about how you can utilize one of these to your advantage to stop the scroll and get people interested again in what you have to say. I love these, especially for clients who feel like something used to work and it’s just not working anymore. Or they can’t figure out how to save a thing that they want to say differently from how their competitors see it. Look at these solutions and you look at these different marketing strategies. I feel like you’re going to be able to come up with something really exciting.

And again, this was just Megan nerd history moment. I love this kind of stuff. I will talk to you about it for much longer than one podcast episode if you want to talk to me. I am on YouTube every Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. That’s when I run my office hours. And what I do with everybody that comes is we get together and we knock out some work and some productivity using the Pomodoro method.

Twenty five minutes, then a five minute break, then another twenty five minutes. We do that for two hours and we knock out so much work. And I am there to answer all of your marketing questions during this five minute breaks. So I hope you’ll join me if you go to Megan Brame dot com slash YouTube, it’ll take you right to my YouTube page because I never remember that long as your URL and you’ll be able to subscribe and get notified when I’m going to be going live again.

So until next week, I will talk to you then try on his marketing strategies out. Let me know if any of them pique your interest, how they go. I’d love to hear your feedback on this. I will talk to you next week. Hey, guys, one more thing before you go, could you do me a favor and leave a review of this episode? It would help me out so much and get the word out to other people.

If you could just drop a review. I would really appreciate it.

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