Season 4 Episode 26: My $10k Mistake

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Hello, loves. So let me get right into the story, because it’s a shitty story and it’s one that needs to be told because I’ve been threatening to tell it for months and. Need to get it out of my face, so last year I signed on with a business coach for three month package that was ten thousand dollars. Ten thousand dollars is way more than I was comfortable to spend.

But I believed in her and I believed that she would be able to really help me get the focus that I needed on my business. So I was totally upfront with her. And I said, you know, look, I this is a big risk for me. I need to know ahead of time that you and I are aligned and that this is going to be a good relationship. And to her credit, she was very forthcoming and positive and believable.

And I don’t want to start this off by having you hang on to like, is she a horrible person? This coach is not a horrible person. I just find that what worked what went through my three month relationship with her wasn’t the best idea on both of our accounts. So. Her goal, according to the email with me, was to double my investment by that end of those three months and it sounds great, but I should have. Realized in the beginning that this was not going to work out and.

I’m. Uh. Disappointed with myself for not listening to my intuition on it, but so the first question when we got started working together was what is your ideal business like? What does it look like? And I told her I was basically like a corporation. I want multiple people to be doing a lot of things for me. I want to be the one that is the creative that comes in and does all that stuff, you know, creates courses, creates those and then have everybody else doing sales or the customer service or things like that.

The things that I am not they’re not my they’re not my strengths. My strength is content creation. And so that’s what I wanted to focus my business on. And she said to me, oh, God, I don’t remember the exact thing, but it was basically like, that’s a stupid idea. That’s a horrible idea. And. It took me back, obviously, but it also it challenged me, and I think that was a reason that I stuck with her after that because rather than thinking, oh, it’s a stupid idea, is this not what my business should be?

I thought, no, the idea of being a coach who works 50 hours a week is online all the time is selling all. That’s not me. That’s not who I want to be. It doesn’t feel genuine. It doesn’t feel like I can’t I can’t tell people how to run their business when I’m running a business that I would hate. I’ve done that before. As you know, I was with my soap company. So when she had said that, you know, give me a minute.

And it made me think, all right, what what am I not communicating correctly or is this not going to work out? So I called her and I spoke with her directly. I was like, look, this is the business that I want. This is what lights me up. And if it’s not the right thing, then we can discuss that. But this is the way I see it. You’re asking me what my ideal situation is. This is what it is.

So after that, she was like, OK, that’s fine. That’s now I understand. That’s great. But the further we went down this three month relationship, the more it became apparent the grocer, I felt the grocer, I felt about the way she was guiding me to run my business. It became more about. Just one on one coaching, doing one on one coaching, and it felt a little bit like multilevel marketing, you know, like I’m going to coach you how to coach other people who then coach other people.

You’re going to coach coaches and it’s going to be coaches all the way down. And I don’t want to do that. I didn’t want to be that person. But to be fair, I was willing to try something new because I felt that my business was slacking in reaching my goals. So I was willing to try something new. I was going to give this my all I had this commitment, this 10000 year commitment. I needed to make sure it was going to work.

And so. I went through this process trying to like, OK, let me start this coaching side of my business, let me give more dedication towards that, because this is what I’m learning from her in these three months. And I hope you can hear while you’re driving or going to work or just in your kitchen or wherever you’re listening to this, I hope you can hear behind that. We all had good intentions behind us.

I don’t fault the coach for the problems that I had. I fault. The incompatibility that we had and that neither of us was willing to say that, and again, I don’t blame her because I’m a grown ass person and could have made could have just said, you know, this isn’t for me, but I gave it my all. I kept going forward and got exhausted and exhausted the end. So the three months was August, September, October, and by mid-October, I just shut down.

I wouldn’t look at my business. I wouldn’t look at anything online. I was tired. I was exhausted. I hated every aspect of what I was being put through. I saw it, I tried to make the best of it and see it as like, this is outside your comfort zone. This is not who you are. You are going to see this perspective and that’s a really good thing to have. But the implementation of it was so grueling and awful.

It made me feel awful. It made me feel just not the person that I wanted to be. And honestly, by the end of October, we had to stop talking altogether, just like I said to her, you know what, I’m good. I, I can’t this isn’t me. I’m good. And I had lost that money. And I thought about this for a while, like, how do I want to reframe drop in ten grand on something that didn’t work?

And I think about it in a sense of education and college courses and things like that of where I might not have gotten the direct result that I was hoping for, but there is value in what I’ve learned. And the reason I’m telling you about this huge ass ten thousand dollar mistake that I made is because I don’t want you to ever be upset about mistakes you make in your business. I gave somebody ten thousand dollars to make me hate my business.

You know, like it happens. You will make mistakes. Everybody does. It just happens. Don’t let yourself. Falter or don’t let yourself become that mistake. That mistake was just a moment in time, you will recover. You will always recover and you will end up better for it. Looking back on the perspective of what have I learned from that ten thousand dollar mistake, I learned what I don’t want to be and I learned that I can’t fit into that life.

I don’t want to be a coach for coaches. I want to be a marketing strategist who helps business owners develop marketing tactics through coaching. Does it can you see the difference? And. Let me clarify that I don’t feel that people who coach coaches are wrong, I think that they have incredible value. However, I know in my strengths that is not me and that is not who I can serve and that’s not what lights me up. And I think that looking back and seeing the way this bad experience made me feel puts me in a better perspective as a marketing coach to help other people, one, realize who they are and what it is that lights them up and that moves their business forward.

And two is a lesson in realizing that. Ethics are important, and if there is something that isn’t right, it’s my responsibility to to make things right for the client or make things right, whatever that is not not refunds or anything, but knowing that. My strengths are not the ones that are going to work for you, and so we will tailor whatever, I’ll either tailor this around to be more about what you need or I’ll refer you to somebody else if I can’t do that.

But if there’s some way I can help, then I will. But if I can’t, I’m going to be upfront about that, too. And I think that that is something that I’ve learned through this mistake and also that I really, really hate multilevel marketing. It makes me really gross. Again, this wasn’t a multilevel marketing exactly, but it had like the it had the feeling of it, you know what I mean? And it was really seedy and not didn’t make me a happy Megan.

So again, that’s just my quick story about the time that I spent 10000 dollars to hate my business. It sucked. It still sucks. I hate thinking about it, but I still want you to know about it because I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t make mistakes in your business and you won’t recoup from them. I’ve bounced back. I bounced back in November. Honestly, once I was able to say, like, that sucked.

That really sucked. And I don’t want to be that person, so. Don’t be afraid to give things a shot. Sometimes they’ll fail. Sometimes they suck. But you’ll bounce back because you got this.

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