Raechelle Minney

Season 4 Episode 3: How To Develop a Financial Vision With Financial Abundance Coach Raechelle Minney

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How is your financial abundance looking in 2021? 

As an entrepreneur, having an abundant mindset is an essential trait towards success and having a financial vision is a step towards that ladder. 

Learn how to develop a financial vision from financial abundance coach Raechelle Minney in this week’s podcast episode.

2:08 Raechelle’s Story

10:02 “supposed to look”

15:41 How To Keep a Financially Abundant Mindset

More Raechelle:

Instagram – @abundancequeenlife

Feb 5 Womens Circle: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/31/gqg97ux8

The Slight Edge (book) 

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