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Season 4 Episode 32: Why I Just Really Hate Facebook (and What I’m Doing About It)

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Do you hate Facebook or are you dreading to use Facebook and you feel like you are stuck?

This episode is not ranting about why Megan hates Facebook. Listen to her thoughts about what she is doing about not utilizing Facebook as a platform for her business and what you can do about with yours.

1:07 why Megan really hate Facebook

8:55 how to entice people to get off Facebook and start following you on a different platform?

16:44 why YouTube is preferred to connect with her audience

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The worst day you ever had in your business? I can mean a few. I was a five time award winning entrepreneur. I burned out because I couldn’t give up control of anything in my business. Whether was because I thought I could do faster or because I thought I couldn’t afford it. I Just refused o let anybody else and Consequently the business turn some a dream goal into a job he hated, and I didn’t know what o do anymore.

In 2015, I closed my business. walks away and started a whole new life. B–I didn’t know what I wanted o be when I grew up after ha
And I realized ha what I really love o do is marketing.  o talk about marketing and create marketing and each other people how o create value-based marketing initiatives that talk o their customers.
I’ve done it for corporations for entrepreneurs like you.

Bloggers, and everybody in between. I’m here o help you create your  Empire ha gives you the freedom create your life the way you want to do it. My name is Megan Brame is, Stop sucking your business. Le’s go.

Hey, friends, Megan here. Thank you so much for joining me today. I–I know I get really excited. , every episode, and you’re probably like Megan, you cannot be excited for hundreds of episodes as  in hundred probably not. B , My point is I actually do really get excited  record these things because I love talking  you and I love hearing back from you guys and getting feedback. It’s really cool. So thank you. Those who have been reaching out, and thank you to those who leave reviews.

I really appreciate it. We’re not going to talk about that right now. What we’re going  talk about is he topic of his episode. , Why I really jus hate Facebook. , and what I’m doing about  and I want o start his with a promise that  this is not going be a 20 minutes long ramble or ran on why I hate Facebook if you hate Facebook, then you probably know why I hate , But I’m actually going to, how do I say I’m going o stir this into  an actually actionable thing more than just a ran about Facebook.

So let me start with why I?  really hate Facebook. Facebook is  a bunch of DICs , they have such a monopoly and  hey get their power with such dangerous  they’re just lazy about I and coming and sticks. I’ve never I can’t say I’ve never like Facebook. I probably like  Facebook when I started using it, but  time has moved on and  I’ve read more about them and learned about how hey operate  things. I’ve just been so turned off by how  Facebook runs and how it treats not only  users, bu it’s advertisers and  small businesses trying o access heir communities now, if you’re unaware, Facebook  ability o toggle he reach  a business can have on their Facebook page is staggering.

Like I Don  even know the percentages, but it’s very, very small  e amount of organic reach  you would get. And  be fair. Facebook has o  keep he lights on. So I understand that there has to be a medium there  there has o be some sort of compromise between you can set up  is free account and reach people Bu  we need to get paid somehow and  by throttling the reach. So be . I understand. I Don’t agree with it, but I understand from a business sense.

But  that was just my beef with them.  Then that would be one thing, but in my opinion, they’re so insidious and so toxic for  where we’re going as a society, which is a weird thing  o say about a website, you know, like, think about  in the grand scheme of hings. Historians coming back  our generation and saying like his website Facebook  was jus one website. But  changed the world and then  became a dystopian shit hole. I promised I wouldn’t  ran.

So I’m going  just stop right here B–I hope you get my point.  have struggled a lot with keeping  a presence on Facebook in  some degree. Instagram  not a fan of it. And  been very hesitant to do anything with Facebook jus because of  all of these bad feelings  they give me, and I Don’t  want to run my business.  have bad feelings. I had a coach, one who  was very into Facebook and  pushed very hard for me to, you know, utilize  because that’s where my customers were.

And  doesn’t really matter what I feel.  matters what my customers feel, which I–I understand that  the people who I wanted o reach didn’t  have o be on Facebook  here were beer ways for me  reach them ha wouldn’t make me feel  now like I’m in is ethical Gray area of I hate his. I hate  a I have o use  o talk o you I will. So here I am  how does ha translate into any good content?
All right, fine. Hello. I’m on Facebook and I hate , bu here I am L  why would you listen o  a why would you want  get that you have enough shit  worry about rather than having me  go on Facebook and say I hate his when I was deciding on how  is going to replace Facebook in my life and  in my business. I should say I havent?  been on the personal side of  in years.  was ttthinking about what is  that Facebook offers ha  has o be replaced and Facebook offers community.

Facebook offers data and he ability, if you want ? O, call that o reach people who are like-minded or  who would be interested in  my business and what I do. , I had to ttthink about how?  I recreate that in a way that is  beer for me and actually beer for the people who I want  reach my ideal avatar. So I started look around and think about , what is it that want from Facebook? So I?
Was using Facebook groups. How do I recreate Facebook groups? In a way that isn’t?  shoy or an ethically weird or things like that? , how can I utilize a platform?  could do something similar without making me feel gross about  and to be transparent, I haven’ really found something  that’s as accessible for Facebook communities or Facebook groups. , So if you ttthink about it,  challenge with getting somebody o sign up for  a membership site that is  a standalone thing?

Well, hey have to go to   website when hey ttthink about  or, you know,  whenever hey have a question  o and then they have  remember their login and it’s  a whole hing. And so it’s much more difficult  get somebody o participate in  community than it is when they’re just scrolling on Facebook and your group is right here? , you know what I mean? I haven’t?  figured out exactly how I can recommend  o do i. Otherwise, here are  a couple of ways ha other social media program programs.

, how old am I? Other social media apps are utilizing  community features. So YouTube is stating  create that for people who have  a certain amount of subscribers. , here’s club house, here’s WhatsApp? here’s Voxer, here’s all of these different ways.  That you can start looking  a way o easily build communities. If you’re like me and you’re trying o ttthink  like, how am I going? Get people off of Facebook? How am I going o make his all happen?  in a way that is organic or  a way that is easy?

That’s the key you have?  Ttthink about ways that you can make  as easy as possible. You have?  lower the barrier of entry for people. So  ttthink about apps on phones. People  are on heir phones more than anything. , how can you?  for lack of a beer word, infiltrate heir phone in a way ha sill provides value? , I’ve experimented with hings like boxer and  boxer is prey cool if you’re no sure what ha is. -S-A voice app kind of  a.

You can leave voice messages or  have group ex interactions and things like that . So it’s really good for smaller groups like  mastermind and things like that. It’s no probably  e best for large groups, bu I ttthink  ha if you are getting  a level where something like that  is just too much to handle  ten, you can probably start  tttthinking about moving off on  something else than Facebook, something  more standalone because you have that level of  audience and participation ha you can  entice people to follow you.

Now  the next part is how  you entice people to get off  of Facebook and start following you elsewhere. In my opinion, you’ve got  set that line in the sand of saying I can’t be here anymore. I can’t  be here anymore. For whatever reason. I Dont  like Facebook or it’syo ethically weird or even . I just don’ like  a I cant’ reach you  as easily as I could on something else. So I’m not going  do that anymore.

B  you have to sick to  and you have to give people an ultimatum. You will lose people. I’m no going  pretend ha it’s going  be Y-U-N- 5000 people will move from Facebook on  whatever you’re running. Bu the ones who are  e true followers, for lack of a better phrase  the ones who are more interested in supporting you, participating, learning from you  hose are the ones h  are going to follow, and isn’t  better to weed out the people who are  kind of lackluster?

What would you sell  them? How would you make that connection if they’re not into ? Mu aside, let’s get people in who are into it. Now, the thing about  moving from a Facebook group into something else, like  a standalone membership site or something  you got to keep  you got to keep the romance alive. -Y-U-K-O–I-E-N- can’t be unless you’re something like  Reddit where you just have  millions of people following you that will run  themselves for free or will moderate or -I- won’ need a lot of intervention from you unless you’re one of those you’re going to need figure out a way ha makes i  interesting for people to check in  regularly.

So maybe you have  weekly webinars, or maybe you have  a monthly challenge. Maybe you have -A-Q and a  ask me anything or a new download  every month or something.  you have o figure ou ways o make people  take ha extra step that they didnt?  have to before because  is asking a lot, right?  am lazy. I know a lo of people aren’t  my seed too. They’re lazy. They just don’t want  put in extra effort if hey don’ have o, bu if here’s a way  a you can entice them  o make that additional effort.

 Think about all of those benefits  as you get. You get them on your own platform,  or boxer or whatever. You get  em off of Facebook is my point. You start  be able to connect with them more frequently because you have a higher reach hen and you’re able to just  you’re able to separate the personal from the business not only for you, but for your customers  or your followers or whomever. When think about the way you would talk about something.

 This episode is brought to you by board.  a new app by Budge Bakers.  Board helps small business owners like you and me.  manage our finances on the go.  Board was built to be  not only mobile friendly, but mobile first.  its accessible anywhere on anything.  I actually got to play around with he app and I can say that it was so much easier.  Than the other bookkeeping software  I’ve already been using  I am really excited to L  you guys know all about his app?

 you can download it for free.  heading o Board Budge Bakers.  com s sop that’s bored.  budge bakers do com sop. think about  challenges ha you’ve had in your business.  say it’s monetary or say  a you’re having rouble getting customers or something. Would you be hesitant?  put that kind of question on your personal  Facebook feed or would you feel like  I don’ want to bring people into  a I don’t wan like  that’s business that’s no work.

 by cutting the chord and  having people leave heir personal accounts and  set up an individual business account on  whatever you are using for a platform.  frees up a lot of insecurities  a people have a lot of  is might be a private group. B–I know that not one knows  a I’m in his group.  asking these questions about how  make more money or how  do social media followings or something?  I feel safer. I feel more  people who are like minded and  that is such a killer.

 reason for people o wan  leave Facebook and move into a different community. Now the second part  a I want to cover is  the organic marketing because so many people  utilize Facebook for organic marketing reach.  who doesn’t have a Facebook page?  so many businesses, even if they’re no active.  myself included. I have a Facebook page  I don’ use it I think  we jus have automated things that put  blog poss and things B–I don’t pay attention to  whatsoever.

And sorry if you follow me on  here. I don’ think many people do  because I don’t do anything with . So why would you?  you have to figure out a way to replace  e organic marketing strategy in Facebook and  some exent Instagram, if you’re so inclined, let me also say  that if you’re like Megan, I’m sticking with Facebook.  This sounds too difficult. I don’t care.  Totally cool. You run your business  the best way for you  the way that I run my business is one way  here are 64,000 other ways   you can run your business.
So don’ worry that Megan says that we have to leave Facebook and , but I like Facebook.  e say on Facebook  where your people are and  bet where you can be the most effective. So going back o his thinking about  e organic marketing strategy?  most likely, if you’re listening to this , I could guess. I would say  a you are probably more invested in  Instagram, then you are  Facebook when it comes to organic marketing strategies,  posting photos, doing live streams, there real  IGV all of these things.

If I had  guess, I would say h  you are probably more invested in content for Instagram than you are Facebook. How?  do you replace that? If you want  leave Instagram, if you just want  say audio entire Facebook world. I htae you. I Dont?  want to be part of you  anymore. How do you do that? ? Instagram is a huge marketing juggernaut, isn’t?  it’s really difficult o think about?
And to be honest, I had  kind of sit back and think about . How am I going o instruct someone?  leave Instagram? Because one to be transparent.  I have an Instagram account  we are fairly active on it. Why? I can?  Honestly say because it’s here and  It was a smarter person  I would put my line in the stand and say,  I’m going to put  is elsewhere, bu I haven’t?  be fair. Instagram isn’t my number one marketing platform  it’s jus sort of like  it’s easy.

We already have Planoly or whatever schedule  we already have it. So  we’ll do it. But how do you replace?  organic marketing? How do you keep connecting with people? And here’s no good answer for this? Because my answer for you is just  move to a better marketing platform. Bu  if I’m going o say  go o Youtube, it doesnt?  mean Google is great. Google has  heir own problems, and so -S-O–O you have o pick he devil  you wan o dance with.

And for me, I have felt that focusing more on  video with Youtube has been  a better way for me to  not only connect with  people who follow me or already know me, bu people who wan  know me or no even wan  know me, wan an answer  something and aren’t sure B  how o answer i. B–I do I know the answer. And so rather than putting that on Instagram story or real or something like that,  it all goes on Youube, everything goes on  Youtube now instead of Instagram, because like I said, not  e Google is amazing, but I am able  to connect with people better through video through hearing my voice the way I talk e things that I say the way I keep talking with my hands all the time.

You get  e connection with me and you get  a better understanding of where I’m coming from, whereas with he Instagram, it’s  just can’t. You know, I jus cant. And the way  at I can recommend for you if you’re so inclined is to find find ways  get back to the world before  Instagram, which is not the easiest world  think about, and I definitely once I said h  I was like, how am I going o finish his though?
The world before Instagram included what? Pinerest blogs, twitter,  podcasts, Youtube. Like there was  organic marketing online before Facebook before  Instagram, and here will continue to be  organic marketing through Facebook and through Instagram. But it jus it’s going  take a little bit more intention and the thing I’m thinking about mostly is blogging, because for all intents and purposes,  blogging will never go away. I can’ see a world where -U-N food bloggers J  completely abandon their websites or DIY bloggers or  markeing people or entrepreneurs.

I can see a world where that sort of content is ever thrown away and ever stopped. That said,  is difficult o get your stuff out here. I  it’s difficult to rank on Google. I’s difficult  rank on being all of these places. But if you take all of that time at you are being frustrated on Instagram, on Facebook, on any platform, and you focus it instead of being  e frustrated, too excited?  Anticipatory passionate again. If you get that back in  a new platform like blogging or o starting your blog again, you’re going  see traction and the ability  have people learning from you  your own platform is so worth  e effort because you go them  you go them off of Instagram.

You go  them off of Facebook, off Youtube, off all of these places. The more you’re able  do things ha get people  your platform instead of these social media platforms is so  the more effort you get their data, which  I just mean in terms of  their names and their emails and  things like that. , you get them to listen.  you solely you’re the one in e-newsletter. You’re the one in  e blog. You’re the one that they’re reading.

, It’s no like, oh, h  was cute and hey Just keep scrolling or something like that. You have  you have hem hooked with you. And I know that people will utilize Instagram and Facebook as ways to get  viewers on their blogs and  things like that. And  it’s a very smart strategy. B  Instagram will always be again  getting their users off of their platform. , they, can’t sell ads on your blog. , they can only sell ads on Instagram, so  he more difficult they make , the better it is for them.

, More frustrating it is for you. I wan you o start thinking about this week. If you’re so inclined how you truly feel about  platforms you’re utilizing, maybe you’re fine with them. , and if you are Rockon, you do  business the best way that works for you. If you’re not , if you feel that you Megan saying, I’ve kind of been thinking ha -O-Y-U-N-I-, I’m sick of the rat race on Instagram. And  I really wan o do something else. Start thinking about how you can build your own platform.

And I Don?  mean like you’re building your own Instagram. , I mean more about , how can you focus those organic marketing strategies? , in a way that is better for your website, for your blog? , how do you make those beautiful images work on something?  at you own? How do you make those live streams or  things like that or real?  short videos? How do you make hose all work better for your platform that you can?  control? Because once you start thinking about that and you use the effort and  the energy towards your own platform rather than Instagram or Facebook or things like that, you’re going to see some traction.

, and you’re going o see  better results because you have those funnels. , Here you have your sales funnels. , you have your email list , you have your blog posts  at explain things. You have  your photography. You have all of these cool things. , and they’re all collected right here for your guess, for your visitors.  your followers, whatever you want.  call them. And if you have  a community built in with that? , I mean, you’re J-S- set for life.

Think about people like Tony Robbins or Giant gurus who have these people that Dont?  need to be on Facebook that Dont?  need to be on Instagram. They’re here. here probably  Tony Robbins account on Facebook and Instagram, but  the ability that they have mobilized people on their newsletter is not because of Facebook is not because of  Instagram. It’s because people believe in Tony Robbins and what  Tony Robbins has to say. , So they go to him they flock to him on his website, these seminars, all of those things.
Just because you’re not  Tony Robbins level doesn’t mean you can’t utilize the same strategy. All means is that you actually have?  more creative freedom to try and see if works for you. If i don’t?  work for you and you’re like his is too hard. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m going back to Instagram. Go for , go back o Instagram. My point is to make sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it in a way that makes you feel good about your business because burning is really close for those who feel grody about their business.

 for hose who Dont?  feel like they’re acting in an authentic way, burn  happens much faster than those who  give things a shot. Got  their own way. things like that.  a shot. Let me know  if it works for you.  is is what I’ve been doing. , this is the method that I’m working on.  Like I said, I usually put people towards Youtube or  is podcast or my blog because those are  the places where I can connect with people the best.

And so I recommend you actually head o Megan Brame com Youtube.  subscribe o my channel because all of the podcast interviews  I do are now live-streamed. You guys here on his podcast, get  e replay. But if you want get live and ask questions my actual guess while they’re here subscribe o the channel and you’ll get notified whenever I go live again. It’s Megan Brame com Youtube. I’ll take you right here because I Don?  know the long-ass string of leers and numbers for my channel.

So Megan Brame com Youtube give a shot. I would love  see you on my next live stream. It’s going?  be amazing and I’m just excited. , I’m excited. If you have any questions, come on the live stream. , we’ll be happy o answer them and talk shop shoo the shit. , whatever will be here. , I’ll be here. And I hope its is you here, too? , I will talk o you next week. Hey, guys.

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