Season 4 Episode 8: How to Start Manifesting 5 and 6 figure months with Lauren Saunders

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Can you really manifest 5-6 figure months in your business?

Imagine what you can accomplish if you can simply manifest what’s in your mind.

Find out from The Aligned Entrepreneur Lauren Saunders in this week’s podcast episode.

2:06 Lauren’s background

12:50 aligned entrepreneur method explained

28:18 signs that you are suffering from limiting beliefs


Megan here I am here with Lauren Saunders Lauren in the Business Network, who works with ambitious, heart driven business owners and entrepreneurs. At the age of twenty eight, she left her career as a high school art teacher for a life of entrepreneurship and has built to build businesses but implementing a mindset, marketing and manifestation strategies that actually work. Her experience and success has led her to put business owners all over the world into full time entrepreneurship. And she is here with me to kick some ass and tell you how to do this.

Hi, thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me.

I can’t wait and I can resonate with not. I used to suck at business and hopefully now I don’t.

So any day now. Any day. So let’s start with our teacher.

Well, first.

Tell me about how you got into being her teacher, that is a.

In my head, it’s a fun idea, but it’s so yeah, I mean, being an art teacher was really fun and I guess I’ll go back and sort of tell my story and where I’ve come from. So I was always someone that was very creative by nature. I love anything to do with creativity and art and just bringing things from idea into fruition, including businesses. But at a young age that look like arts and crafts for me and I excelled at it.

And I just remember very early on and in fact, as early as grade five thinking, you know, I have to figure out what I want to do with my life. That’s what we’re told. Right. What are you going to be when you grow up? And I think that we really kind of are fed this expectation that we should figure it out. First of all, by the time we’re like, what, 11 or something, which is just ridiculous.

But also it’s like you need to choose a path that makes sense for you. You need to choose a path that’s going to allow you to make the money that you need that is considered successful. And for me, what made sense was teaching because I loved art and it was just I was always someone who was like sharing things and stuff like that. And I probably was told by a couple of teachers that I would make a good teacher. I don’t even exactly know where the idea came from, but it was just all of a sudden I was like, oh, OK, everyone’s deciding what they are going to be when they grow up.

And I guess for me, I’m going to be a teacher. And so it started there and it was just like this snowball effect where I just didn’t I was never asked to question it after that. Like, is that really what you want? And on top of that, I think I always had this story of limitation in terms of what we could reasonably expect to create with our lives. I have an older sister who went into business and she was always sort of the brainchild of the family.

She was the ninety eight percent average student in grade 12. She was valedictorian. She went to the best business school in Canada. And to me, she was the person that was going to do big things in our family. And I was not the ninety eight percent. I was the seventy eight year student. Except for art. I always excelled in art and it kind of saved me in that way. But I just didn’t ever consider that there might be something more in the cards for me.

And so I went to university. I got my art degree, then I went back. I took a year off in between. I went back and got my teaching degree. And after that, after my five years of school, I moved to Australia and I taught there for almost three years. I did a bit of sort of substitute teaching, but also I had a contract at a special education school. And so after just short of three years, I decided to come home.

I wanted to be close to family. And when I got here, I started applying for jobs. I’m in Toronto, Ontario. I started applying for jobs. And it’s really difficult to get full time work, or at least it was pre pandemic. You can actually they’re actually desperate for teachers now. It’s it’s funny how things change. But so I managed to get a part time job working two days a week at an all girls school in Toronto.

And this was in twenty fifteen the fall of twenty fifteen I believe. And so I started doing that and I, I didn’t want another part time job and I thought, what could I do that would enable me to make the money that I need. Because two days a week of working is not good enough or not enough. Rather in order to not have to find another part time job and maybe just, well, I’m working on getting a full time job and teaching all the while, there is this part of me that really it was like when I came back to Ontario to kind of settle down, if you will.

I had a lot of anxiety around the idea of like if I get a job that will kind of be it, like I’ll keep that job for the next 40 years. And I had gone to Australia to avoid settling into a real life. And so I had this inner intuitive knowing that, like, there just had to be more for me. But I was still filled with, you know, you’re not an entrepreneur and you didn’t go to business school.

And this is what’s realistic. So I started actually my first business and it was on the side of teaching and it was an extension business. I had had a friend in Australia who had a business that she did really well at. And I thought that’s totally something I could do. I’m good at fine detail work. I didn’t have any history in esthetics, but it just really intrigued me. So I threw together a business when I came to Toronto and it was just meant to be a side hustle.

But within a few months it really exploded for me and I it just taught me not only that I was capable of making money on my own, but that I really preferred it. I loved the possibility that came with it. I loved making my own just living life by my own design. And while it was never something I wanted to do long term, it just showed me that you could be an entrepreneur at. Long story short, after about a year and a half, I started teaching other artists how I had done what I did, which was build a successful business very quickly working from home.

I started a Facebook group that grew to be about fifteen thousand people, and I launched a couple of programs that taught what I knew. And so that started quickly making me more money than I was making doing lashes. And I left teaching after about a year of growing my coaching business. I left my first business behind and started just helping other entrepreneurs online. And today now it’s about that was probably two years ago, two years ago in January that I went full time in my coaching business.

Now, I pretty much exclusively help other entrepreneurs who are also wanting to go online or do have online businesses, coaches, course creators to grow and scale their audience and income. And I do that predominantly not. I do talk to people a lot about marketing and action taking in your business, but I speak a lot to mindset and manifestation and the what I call the aligned way of building a business, which is understanding that your energy, your thoughts, your emotions and the things in which you focus on in your business are dictating the results that you are or are not getting over anything else, more so than anything else.

That’s the whole story.

I just went on and on and on, listening to each story, one to me and I’d love to hear more about it, is what was the catalyst that made you take the leap from this business? It’s going really well. It’s not something I thought I’d be doing full time, but. There’s just not enough here to keep me from going to that.

Yes, actually, thank you for bringing that up because I had started investing in quite a bit of my own self development. I was taking seminars with a company here in Toronto and I had what I refer to as my spiritual awakening, if you will, which for me really just looked like all of a sudden understanding that there is so much more to life than meets the eye. And all of a sudden, knowing that there was truth behind what everybody talked about in regards to the law of attraction manifestation, things that I had previously completely written off and thought they were woo woo.

And I didn’t live that life previously, but I just all of a sudden woke up and knew it to be true. And I became a woman on a mission to really get to the bottom of how it is that we create our reality with our thoughts. And that gave me permission. I realized I can have a million dollar business if I want. I can create anything. There are no limitations. It doesn’t matter what my background is or where I came from.

All that matters is that if I can get my beliefs behind me having a very successful business and for me it was I really wanted freedom. That was kind of a tangible reason as to why I wanted to not have physical clientele and wanted to work exclusively online. But I also was very and am very driven by potential for expansion and unlimited possibilities. So I left behind because I saw just I mean, I like I said, I’m very creative. And so my online business allows me to really embrace that.

But also I’m just making way more money doing this. I’m reaching more lives. It’s just it’s like my soul’s work.

And my last business was just a stepping stone towards all of that, not just in my own experience. That is where I was to. I had a business that ended up leading, but I was very much also a person who did not believe it was just it sounded too, too good to be true.

But also maybe just I don’t want to give up control.

I don’t want to let go and just kind of believe the process. But I want to see work. I love I am working towards the end. I think for me and I’d love to hear your view to when I converted like that, when I started listening to Abrahim, learning more about being a physician, I realized that it wasn’t about. Giving up control, exactly, it was about. Well. They had this Abraham Hicks had this segment about someone was talking to Abraham saying.

And I want to make a million dollars, and I believe it’s going to happen, but I don’t like it’s not just falling in my lap. It’s not it’s not fair. Why isn’t it like this happens for other people? And Abrahamsson? That’s not how this works. You go on the path. Yeah. You still do the work. It’s just it manifests because you think for me, that was the moment that I was like, oh, OK.

It’s not about just sitting down and expecting millions of dollars doing the work, but knowing that the work is going to be successful. That absolutely.

And I love what you said about the path, because that’s what I that’s basically when I talk about the aligned way of doing business. I have a podcast. It’s called The Aligned Entrepreneur. That’s kind of my brand. And the aligned entrepreneur method is align yourself with what it is that you desire a million dollars in your business or whatever, even just being full time. That was what I first was focused on. I wanted to be hitting ten months that I could go full time with my business and travel.

So I aligned myself with that. And by that I mean I was envisioning it. I was imagining it. I was speaking about it. I was scripting as if it was done. I was visiting that reality emotionally in small ways each day and from there allowing and expecting the path to show itself to me. And that was when I had the idea of I could teach other artists online the things that helped me to grow my business and I could reach people from all over the world.

And it was like that idea was born out of my desire and my request with the universe, if you will, of having a full time online business that really had the capacity to be as big as I wanted it to. And it was like the path I showed up. I hired the coaches. I put all that together. I created the group like there was massive action taken on my part, but it was like all of it I felt guided towards.

And for me, I think the biggest difference that. Law of attraction, or I often say job creation, I kind of believe in like all the quantum physics side of things. What what the difference it made for me and my business was not like or in my life, it was not like, oh, I’m just going to sit back and watch all these things happen. It was instead when I when I take the action, I will be supported.

And there the only chance of this failing is up to me. So I used to live in a world and I think most people live in a world where there are things that are outside of our control that dictate our reality. And the truth is, is that there really isn’t or there isn’t. At least it only goes as far as you allow it to. So this year with covid, I watch many people struggle in their businesses, but I decided that it didn’t have to mean, if anything, it could mean that I would make more money than ever in twenty twenty.

And I did. And because I got to choose that, I didn’t allow it to be the reason. So I think with law of attraction or manifestation, it’s just understanding that you cannot fail unless you allow yourself to, because the universe is just responding to your thoughts and that’s it. The universe is not saying, yes, you’re manifesting and you’re aligning yourself with, you know, going full time in your business. But there’s a pandemic going on right now, so I’m not going to give it to you.

It doesn’t it doesn’t go that way. It also doesn’t say, oh, you’re aligned with making all this money, but you only have three hundred followers on Instagram, so I’m not going to give it to you. It doesn’t matter. I’ve watched people with three hundred dollars on Instagram make 50 Cayman’s because that’s what they’re aligned with. So there’s just no rules. There’s no it’s just all a reflection of what you choose to be true. That’s what you’re getting evidence for you or someone to.

But we believe that it’s happening and not so I often say that I don’t require people to fully believe. I’ve never really figured out to have my full belief behind something. And I don’t think that it’s necessary. And I think that that messaging in the world of manifestation is quite toxic, where it’s like just have unwavering faith. It’s like we’re human beings, like we’re going to have doubts and that’s fine. What has really helped me is education. So reading lots of books, listening to people who have done it before me, getting into circles where it is normal for people to create the realities, like really infiltrating your life with this information because your subconscious will accept anything that you repeatedly feed it.

So if you’re feeding it information around manifestation being real, it’s only a matter of time before you really do start to believe it. But also, I think the thing that really had me convert, as you say, was understanding that this isn’t like this is there is so much science to back up manifestation. And the world’s leading physicists are talking about manifestation on a quantum physics level or on a on a like a very basic level molecular level. We are manifesting it is what’s happening.

And so once I started diving into that, I realized it didn’t have to be this thing I just magically believed in. And until that point, I wasn’t able to get myself there. I couldn’t believe in it just because somebody told me to. I needed to understand this is what’s actually going on, their science to prove it. And the more that I’ve educated myself, the more I just know that I create my reality with my thoughts. I think that in my own experience, it came down to it can’t be that easy.

Now, I know that sounds really reductive, like it sounds like it’s not actually, but on a basic molecular level. And I was trying to think of the book that I read. That said that to think it all, but that was the book that was so important that I can’t remember that, but just spoke to me on it like a scientific group of there are the. Energy and not like you said, but there’s electricity and there’s three that you move these things.

Yes, it works and that which is mind blowing to me and it’s OK. It’s not about it being easy and just having blind faith. It’s about understanding, educating and understanding and. Knowledge is power. Exactly, literally, exactly, yes.

Have you ever had people or yourself? TubeBuddy and. I guess to allow. Why the. It’s going on the other side of the spectrum of just allowing thinking that the journey will happen, but I’m not going to do anything to get out of this and then act as if what? I’m going to go spend a bunch of money? Well, that’s not what this means. And this kind of going toxic.

Yeah. And I mean, honestly, in the very beginning, I did not I was taking big action, but I, I was leaping before I was trusting that the net would appear. So I always say leap and the net will appear. And that’s really how I grow my business and create quantum leaps for myself. But what I learned early on is that if you don’t have the foundation for belief and belief is just something you program in so you can create any belief within your subconscious through repetition.

But I have not programed my subconscious for trust that things would work out for me. So I hired a bunch of big coaches. I really got myself into a lot of stress early on because I went into debt, which, you know, it was all like a perfect unfolding. Looking back, it really lit a fire under my ass. I gave myself like there was no other option. There was no backup plan because I had to make enough money to be able to pay like a job was not going to help me get out of the situation I put myself in.

So I don’t have any regrets over any of it. But I would say, like. You want to have, I would say, 60 percent belief that when you are taking a certain action in your business and perhaps it is a risk, so to speak, that you’ve got that 60 percent foundation of like things always work out for me or I’m taken care of, I’m safe. If you’re going to take a big risk that scares you and it’s going to spiral you into a pit of anxiety, like that’s not a good because the universe will just give you more of what you’re focusing on.

So I take big risks financially. I mean I could even talk about risks being just a sort of concept, but I took a big risk financially and what it did was had me start by saying or fearing more debt and focusing on the debt and having all the shame around it.

And so I just kept until I stopped myself, I realized one day I was like after a few months of, like, this downward spiral, I realized one day I’m really doing a good job of manifesting. I’m just focused on all the things I don’t want and I’m getting it right. So this is not going to swoop in and save you.

You have to save yourself in your level of trust. Right. Last month, I hired a coach that 60 grand for the next six months. That’s uncomfortable for me. But at this point, I just I just have like there’s not been a moment where I thought, should I have done that? Or what if I can’t pay her? I just know that the universe shows up for me. But if I didn’t have that level of belief at this point that I wouldn’t have hired her, that wouldn’t have been a good idea.


So, yes.

And I think to that, it’s like if someone’s it’s almost they think it’s from trust or the belief that they’re taking those actions. But if you really look at the root energy behind you going super into debt or whatever to start your business, is that actually coming from abundance? Like really looking at where am I coming from with spending this money, debt or whatever it is, can be a great asset. I’m super grateful for debt in my life and the things that’s enabled me to do.

But you just always want to look at where am I actually coming at with this? And is it actually does it actually leave me feeling really abundant to go up and run up my credit cards and say I manifested all this stuff like, you know, does that answer that question key, which is how do you encourage people to mitigate that?

Well, yeah, I love these questions.

I would start by changing the story that you have about debt. We’re told that debt is bad, that we shouldn’t have it. Certain kinds of debt are fine. You could be five hundred thousand dollars in debt for your house. And that’s a good thing. People celebrate you, they give you gifts, but if you have twenty thousand dollars debt on a credit card, it’s all the same and significance around it. Right. And so we want to look at like what is the story that I have about debt?

Because mine used to be for a really long time and it was just what I inherited growing up. My mom still has a real story about debt and how bad it is. But the story I had was that it was really, really bad and that I should be ashamed about it. And I had been reckless. I had been reckless and not responsible. And I wasn’t doing the adult thing and all of this significance and like not even wanting to tell other people that.

I mean, I think the most that I ever had and this was like school loans, credit cards. I had a line of credit. Fifty thousand dollars total. What helped me shift out of that was deciding that it wasn’t a problem. Right. Deciding that, in fact, if it had not been for that debt, I probably wouldn’t have gone to school. I probably wouldn’t have gone to Australia. I definitely wouldn’t have started a business. I wouldn’t like all the things that I value most in my life in terms of the things I’ve been able to do.

Debt enabled it, and I grew my business quite quickly because of the type of help I was able to hire. And I did that. Going into debt, I don’t necessarily recommend it if it’s not going to feel good for you. But anyway, so change your story about it. Now, these days I am so grateful for debt. I see it as being a a huge tool, an asset that I have access to, things I can invest in and choose to pay them off over time.

That’s all that is a decision to pay something off over time. I actually recently had sort of a revelation of calling it debt and start calling it credit because the bank is just choosing to give you credit that you’re going to pay it back later, like, thank you. That’s so nice of you. I really appreciate that. You know, so, yeah, just change the story that you have about debt, not stop seeing it as being bad, because at that point you get to stop resisting it.

And it’s the resisting and making it wrong that creates more of it. And then a tangible example or setting an example. But step people can take is set up an auto payment for, I would say, weekly or biweekly of even a small amount, even if you can part with ten dollars. And I have my brother start doing this and it was twenty five dollars I think it was every week. And he was like, I don’t, I don’t have that money like he’s a musician.

I if it’s not there I said, you know, it just set it up and just see if that money every week before it, it’s scheduled to come out is there. And if it’s not you can cancel it. But what he found was that was setting that intention. The money was always there. And then he threw that one action.

His story about it or what he was focusing on went from, I have all this debt and I can’t pay it off to you. I’m making payments. It’s going down. It’s going in the right direction. More money started coming in. He started booking more gigs you like, tripled his income because he changed his energy about money so that something really small people can do is any amount that you can have it start going on your debt and all of a sudden you get to start telling the story of and the story that you’re telling is the one that’s manifesting about any given topic in your life.

The story that you have at that point is I am paying it off slowly. I’m seeing I’m seeing changes in the debt. It’s going in the right direction. For once. I’m able to do this and see what shows up. When you make that small shift, it will be substantial. Look, it’s not that it’s irritating, the story is the key for them so much Brame and it’s ridiculous. Think the same way too. I had to like forty six thousand in the.

My and I just know that’s not the story that I want because it’s not working well and you know, what’s interesting is like the biggest businesses and corporations in the world have the most debt because they it’s an asset.

That’s how they do business. They build a building with a giant line of credit and then pay it off like that. But obviously and it’s not seen as being seen as being successful. Good for you. You have a trillion dollar natural line of credit like Orsa. You must be doing something right.

So it’s interesting.

Let’s go into the voting booth. What do you think? There are signs that people are suffering from what?

We’re all suffering from limiting beliefs, because every belief, every thought we think is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, I mean, the way I approach limiting beliefs is when I’m setting a goal for myself and my business, the beliefs that are not serving me that are perhaps in my way, are limiting my ability to manifest. That goal will make themselves known for me to me. So if it’s I want to have my first role right now, it’s my first hundred thousand dollars a month. That’s my my goal. That’s what I set into motion at the beginning of the year.

And immediately what came up was limiting beliefs around how people view me and how I wanted to be viewed. I don’t know if people actually see me as being Lauren. The seven figure boss felt like it was all this stuff around self perception and how I was showing up and not wanting to be too visible. So I had to kind of look at that, but that didn’t really make itself known to me. Another limiting belief I had was that I was going to make people feel poorly about themselves.

You know, if I’m going to be super successful, the people in my life are not going to feel that way about themselves that they deserve to. And I didn’t really know that was there until I set that goal. So you don’t need to dove. I think there’s this train of thought. That is I have to uncover every last thing they believe before I can have what I want. And that’s not true at all. The only limiting beliefs you have to work through in order to manifest whatever it is that you desire in your business, and it’s an amount of money, whatever are the ones that are you will become conscious of them simply by setting that intention.

And the best way to do that is to set an intention that scares you.

See what comes up. That’s what I was going to ask you, do you think that it’s wiser to set a small intention or to go big interest?

Well, I think that there is. Small and small goals create small results, but also in my experience, I manifest like so if I’m familiarizing myself with the possibility of a one hundred thousand dollars a month, the more I play around in that possibility and that energy, the more something like 50 grand in a month just seems so doable to me. So and the other thing is, is that with a bigger goal, you’re forced to align your actions with it.

So I decided on a hundred thousand dollars a month. Out of that came a decision to hire a coach that specializes in that, out of that game, all of her coaching around like you need to charge more for these programs because they’re not aligned with where you say you’re going. So it’s like all of your actions will align with whatever goal you’re working towards. So I think and the other thing is, is with manifesting letting go of the how is a really big part of it?

And if you are setting too small of a goal, you’re immediately going to. Well, how would I make that happen? So for me, the biggest sort of aha moment or a money making ideas have come when I set a goal that I did not know how to hit. And so I had to let go of how am I going to get there? And that’s when those really game changing ideas just flooded in. So I would say, go figure, but don’t go so big that you immediately say, well, that’s impossible if you have to, some part of you has to believe that it is possible and you might do that by just seeing other people around you that have done it or finding people like hearing the stories of people like you that have done it before the.

What kind of checkpoints do you utilize to make sure that you are staying on the path toward your intentions? Checkpoints, I don’t know that I have checkpoints. Yeah, I don’t know. Could you give me an example? So you have this goal of a hundred thousand and it’s week two. How are you checking in with yourself to say, like I said, am I going the right way? Am I keeping just keeping the check with yourself?

Yeah. So I should be clear when I say a hundred thousand a month, that’s not like in January. I am like trying to force it right. It’s like I’m going to do that at some point this year, maybe in the first six months, maybe in the first three months, I don’t know. So it’s a commitment to that goal and in allowing of the unfolding of it, because it’s likely my biggest month to date was like a thirty four thousand dollar man.

So it’s likely that I’m going to have a fifty, sixty, seventy five, who knows right there. Or maybe not. Maybe I could just jump right there like it’s all possible. But I guess my check point is I am I’m always checking in with myself. Just you’ve become someone and I’m sure much of your audience resonates with this who monitors their thoughts, their emotions on a regular basis. And I’m always aware of what is the story that I’m telling again, like what am I affirming to be true?

What am I saying is true? So I realized I set this goal for one hundred thousand dollars. And almost immediately what I started saying was it probably won’t happen this month, though. Right. And it’s like so that was almost giving me permission just to play smaller this month. And then I looked at like, well, why not have a big launch coming up? You could it could totally happen, but not if you’re telling yourself that it can’t.

Like what? Is there anything anywhere that says it’s impossible? No. Have other people that have had that kind of leap before? Yes. Why couldn’t I do it? Right. So just checking in with myself in that regard. But also, I think it’s really important to allow you know, it’s not I’m not aligned with one hundred thousand. There’s there’s days where I’m like, who the heck do you think you are? This is what you’ve told everybody this.

And now they’re watching and they’re waiting for you to feel like all that comes up. I think it’s just like I always say, choose what your goal is or your intention is and keep choosing it. That’s really manifesting is not oh, I decided to make twenty K in a month, but it didn’t happen. And so now it’s done like or I talk myself out of it and now I’m not, it’s not going to happen. It’s choose it again.

Do it again. Do it again. Like so it’s just a process of continuing to come back to that thing that you said you wanted and letting your ego do its thing in the meantime, which it will.

Unfortunately it will, whether you get it. Yeah, well. When someone is ready to. Get a coach who’s going to take them to the next level, let’s say that. They’ve had coaching before and didn’t go that well, or I know the conversations with people they like, it felt like a money MLM or something, like you just pick the one coach that you talk to coaches. So there are people that have bad experiences of coaching, but they realize that there is value in coaching.

So how do you start a conversation with someone who has. Someone who knows that there is value that has been burned before. How do you help those people? Yeah, so. First of all, in my business, I don’t ever I don’t have any tricks or tactics around convincing anybody that does not feel I feel super icky to me. If someone’s not like a hell yes. To working with me, then they shouldn’t work with me. That that goes against pretty much every marketing book that there is out there.

But again, the line way of doing business is one where it’s like you just trust the right people will come in terms of something that’s been burned before. There is a reason why that happened to them. So we really are manifesting one hundred percent of the time. And that doesn’t mean we have to take responsibility for every bad thing that happens to us. But we always want to look at like, why did I create this? Was there a lesson I was calling in?

Was was I really ready to take full responsibility for my business? Because here’s the thing. In hiring a coach and where a lot of people go wrong in choosing their coach is that they think that in hiring the coach there, that coach is going to guarantee their success, which nobody can do for you. And it’s not like I just hate any kind of handholding energy. It’s not anybody else’s job to build your life in your business, but you and like I’m my coach, a pretty obscene amount of money.

It’s not like it’s not like I talk to him maybe once a day. We have a call sometimes once a week. Some weeks I go without, like, that’s kind of it. I’m in here, mastermind. The reason I hired her is more that I wanted to be in her level of belief around what was possible. And that’s really where at a higher level coaching should be geared towards is like who’s energy am I stepping into? But anyways, if you’ve been burned before, I would first look at what did I learn out of that make again change the story that you have about it.

Don’t let it be. Well, I have this bad experience and so coaching is just not for me because maybe you’re going to have a coach come along who could completely help you, like help you completely transform your life and business, blow up your business. But if you’re not going to allow that and would be like saying I was ghosted once and so I’m going to be single forever because screw this, I don’t want any part of it right now.

You’ve got to open yourself back up the best that there’s lots of people out there who are not going to do that. And now, if anything, you have more clarity than ever around what you want and who you get to call in in your business. And then I just think developing our intuition as business owners is the most like, invaluable tool that we can invest our time into, because for me, it’s like my soul knows, my soul knows.

And I follow someone for a while and I’ll watch all their content and I’ll see they usually don’t. I like to take people by surprise when I’m like, Hey, I’m ready to work with you. Who are you and how did I manifest this? Because I’m like kind of learing in the background and I’m watching and I’m looking at their at their sales page and whatever. And I’m just deciding like, what does my intuition want. Right. And I would never make a decision about a coach based on one thing that they said or the level of copy on their website.

It’s like a much bigger energy thing. So I would look at if you’ve been burned in the past, what did that person teach you? What did you learn about yourself? What were you focused on at the time? Because if you were expecting to be let down, guess what? People will give you what you expect one hundred percent of the time. And then how can you use all that to open yourself up to something much better that is going to serve you and allow people to surprise you?

Because there are incredible coaches that have the capacity to empower you to blow up your business and your life, but you have to let it in.

It’s probably good. What do you recommend people come to you and what kind of work do you like them to have done?

Yeah, well, I, I have a few different programs, so I’m about to launch one that is for people that are earlier on in their business wanting to create courses and programs online. And it’s like you could be literally brand new to your business or you could be a ways in. And perhaps you’ve offered courses and programs before and had a sale here or there are making a thousand to two thousand dollars a month, but wanting to take it to the next level.

So that would be that’s like a three month group program that I have. My one on one program is for people that are at five to ten thousand dollars a month and are looking to scale it to twenty and thirty thousand dollars a month consistently and later actually probably just in March. So a few months or all the mastermind that’s for people wanting to go to twenty, fifteen to twenty months. So most of my my higher level, if people want to actually like work with me one on one or in that capacity, that is going to be for people that are established at this point.

My, my program I’m launching later this month is kind of going to be the thing that is available for people who I mean, I still work with people in it. It’s just more of a group program. We have group Q&A calls and things like that. It’s a lower support program. But for someone just needing the semantics of, like, semantics like that, I’m trying to say, look, the basics of growing your email is perhaps starting a Facebook group, knowing what to offer and nailing down your message.

The thing that’s going to make you successful writing copy all of this kind of stuff. I do have an offer for that as well. But yeah, predominantly I’m at this point helping people scale into multiple six figures.

Well, if people have more questions, what is the best way to get a hold of you? How do you get.

I do. A lot of I’d say everything kind of comes together on Instagram, but I do have two different podcasts. One is called the Aligned Entrepreneur, as I said. And then I’ve got a podcast that’s just about manifestation mindset, self development with a friend of mine. It’s called The Low End Show. And those would be the main places, Instagram and my podcasts. And people can message me on Instagram. I share all the things they are.

And I’ve got a website. It’s all linked in my bio. And you’ve got to get out. So before we go, is there anything that we haven’t covered that you want people to know? Yes, OK, I think for our business owners, listening, especially in the name of this podcast, which I love, want to really look at what is the thing? And you’re essentially it’s all just about your level of belief, right? If you have a lot of belief in your business, you’re doing well.

If you don’t have a lot of belief in your business or you’re focused on what might not be happening or what you’re worried about not happening, you’re fearing failure a lot. That’s what you’re getting. Right. So the best change I ever made was approaching the things I was offering from a place of already having confidence. So I’d actually launched a couple of courses before the staff that had one sign up, maybe, you know, sign up sometimes. And it was because I didn’t they were about manifestation.

They were more general courses. And I didn’t really have my belief behind somebody paying me for that. At that point. I questioned being the coach for those people so early on in my own journey, even though I really wanted to teach it. But I once I started speaking to Lash artists, I my what I call my way of being, which is like my level of conviction completely changed. Right. I was I knew what I brought to the table.

I believed everybody should be listening to me. I thought they were crazy if they did. And I had so much conviction behind what I was offering that it was impossible for people not to show up. It was impossible for me not to be super loud and proud about what I had to offer. So in your business, if if you’re putting product services out there, how can you approach developing those products and services in a way that is so true to you that you can’t help but feel good about it?

Because if you’re questioning your product or service, other people are going to as well. If you are sold on it and sold on yourself, other people will be as well. It’s really as simple as that. In the perfect world, thank you so much for having me. This is super fun and you ask wonderful questions.

I really appreciate your natural awesome.

Thanks so much, Megan

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