Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Adios, Hustle Culture, hello better mindsets!

I cannot stress enough the need to be nice to yourself (both in body and spirit) when it comes to running a successful business. So many of us can get sucked into the trap of overworking and under-being-nice-to-ourselves that it’s not hard to understand why burn out is ever looming.

But if you’re afraid that you’re going to lose your productivity because you’ll be drawn to a WiFi-free yoga retreat, let me give you a few ideas for incorporating self-care while still building a business.

Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

1. Schedule it in your planner

You can’t avoid what isn’t crossed off in your bullet journal, so write some small self-care thing as a daily task that needs to be crossed off. 

2. You choose what self-care is, not someone else

Don’t talk yourself into picking up meditation if it just frustrates you, and don’t feel like you need to do [X] because that’s what all the “gurus” tell you to do. Instead, let the first thing that comes to your mind be the thing you try. If your gut is telling you “hey, let’s try a walk” then don’t discount that. Care for yourself in the way your body tells you to.

3. Practice gratitude

The more we’re thankful for, the more abundance we’re given so let yourself be grateful and make it a point to appreciate one thing every day. I write mine down in my bullet journal and as I’ve said before, I’ve been thankful for everything from Crystal Light to the way my husband looks at me, to having a house that’s completely our own. Gratitude isn’t about just the BIG stuff, it’s about appreciating (and showing appreciation for) all of the daily gifts that we receive.

4. It’s not about being perfect

Or wearing Mandala pants (side note, they ARE comfy as shit), or drinking kombucha while wearing prayer beads. Self-care isn’t about getting it “right” it’s about getting it right for you. Remember that starting any new thing will feel weird at first. Could you hit a home run or write an opera your first try? Probably not, but I bet you could if you kept at it! Give yourself grace if you slip up with self-care…that’s probably the most self-carey thing you could do!

Curious how I practice self-care? I garden, hit the massage chair, use my meditation app (Insight Timer and Haven are my favorites), go to therapy, dye my hair purple, and use the Cybex machine at the gym (whenever it opens back up again). 

How about you? Let me know in the comments!

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