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by megan

Want to see the exact tools I use to run my blogs and Meve Vintage? Here’s my Amazon order history!

PS – This is going to seem like A LOT, but keep in mind that these have culminated over the course of years for multiple businesses. I don’t want you to freak out thinking you need all of this to run a business, far from it! I’ve listed the essentials in my Amazon Shop, which is a much more scaled-down version of things that I feel are great starting points.


Do you REALLY have two cameras?

Yes! The Canon Rebel is my go-to camera for the home decor shots, lifestyle, and product shots for Meve Vintage.

Also, my main lens for shooting products is the 35 – 80mm (left), but I’ve also included my two other crucial lenses below. The 50mm and Sigma lens are both excellent for lifestyle + decor shots.

The Canon G7X is my travel camera since it’s way easy to store, and is also the one that I mostly use for video.

Jewelry/Watch Repair



Books (Vintage-specific)


Organic marketing strategy for multi-passioned creatives