sometimes, it’s just really simple

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What you’re looking at is a bad picture of how my soaps have been curing since I started making soap. The curing racks could hold about 120 soaps, which had to sit for about 3 weeks while they cured. Soap needs air around it to cure, hence all of the teeny gaps.

This past year, I’ve had to increase production of my batches, but unfortunately, not have the ability to increase the SPACE to produce and cure bigger batches. It’s left me scrambling a little to figure out what to do.

As I was curing my most recent batch I had the epiphany to rotate the bars, so that they would cure vertically instead of horizontally. This would increase my space for curing soaps and remove some of the issue I had for space problems.

It’s so simple and yet, it evaded me for 4+ years. It’s embarrassing to admit, frankly, but it made me think:

What other problems am I having that can be solved with something simple?

Just a little note to remember some times the answer isn’t as difficult as you think. Take a step back, and see if there is a simple solution.

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