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Sponsor spotlight: Board

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Heard Megan talking about our latest sponsor on the podcast? Here’s a little run-over about them and why we think they’re a good fit for your business!

Is your business profitable? Is it growing as you planned?

Being a business owner, you may find it hard to manage all the business activities on your own. Fortunately, you can rely on Board to keep everything well organized and easy to access wherever you are.

Board is a business management app by BudgetBakers to keep track of all business activities. Once you have installed Board, you need not worry about your brand growth thanks to their ability to be anywhere, anytime. In addition, it provides you more time to think about innovative ways to grow your business.

Want to know more about how Board can save you time and money? Here are a few reasons why we love it:

1.Increases Productivity

Being a business owner, you need to use Board to be more productive. You will be more focused on core decisions rather than spending time and effort on manual tasks.

Once you have aligned your workplace with Board, you can work faster. Speed and efficiency are one of the reasons why using Board can be beneficial.

2.Helps to avoid errors

By using this app, you do not need to import the information every time. Import the information once, and the app will do the rest for you. For instance, if you use cloud services, all of your data will be available and secure for all of your team members.

Moreover, it can organize your data and upgrade data management while securing your business from errors and double entries.

3.Saves time with automated reports

The app will save your precious time by connecting with your bank accounts, generating automatic cash flow reports, importing or exporting data to worksheets, and reporting tax and sales. You don’t need to keep a manual check on all these activities. Board will create a report to keep track of all these activities.

4.Make Decisions Based on Fact, not Feeling

Using Board, you can make core decisions based on facts. These facts include cash flow trend and account balances, growth of your revenues versus past period or last year, structure of your operating costs, fixed and variable, credit lines usage, and outstanding debt. These factors track your business activity and allow you to make strategic decisions that drive profitability.

5.Provides Customization

Board allows you to customize categories to your structure. Using this app, you can enjoy forecasts and projection reports to improve your business growth.


Here are some features of the Board to add value to your business:

  • Performance Reporting
  • Keep track of your key performance indicators
  • Deep dive into your small business finance results
  • Use templates to create your dashboard
  • Choose from tons of charts and reports
  • Know and manage the cash flow
  • Plan cash flow to fund top priorities
  • Get notifications to pay your bills timely
  • Control cash to avoid credit over usage
  • Know to raise capital early
  • Create a budget
  • Budget all your expenses
  • Make quick decisions to save costs
  • Provide instant updates of budget progress reports

Final Words

Board has many uses and can surely benefit your business in many ways. From elevating your business graph to making financial reports, you can assure that this app is worth your investment. Download it for free by heading to the App store or https://board.budgetbakers.com/stop/

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