Todays Lesson: Gloat…diplomatically

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I come from a family that taught me it was better to be humble and modest than to be loud and proud about accomplishments. On one hand, it’s a great way not to come off as pompous and a jerk and appear graceful. But staying humble and modest about your success is something that can also lead to downfall.

Last year, MSC’s Lip Creams won an award. Like a real award, in which my lip creams competed against other better established products, and they won, engraved-glass award and all. I got my picture taken, which I likened to “School Picture Day”, put the award in my booth at the trade show for all to see (which you COULDN’T see, since it was clear glass…I digress), and did nothing else with it. NOTHING. I was even hesitant to put news up about it on my website…I didn’t want to come off as gloating. I couldn’t bring myself to now say Metropolis was an award-winning company. I would just sound too proud and jerkish.

You know what? Screw that. I took too long to come out of that shell and may have missed chances to use that award to my marketing advantage. Being humble and quiet about it cost me opportunity. And why should I have been humble about it? Metropolis now IS an award-winning company, I should totally promote that.

Be humble in life and proud in business.

Diplomatic gloating is 100% allowed in my book. If people are going to think you’re a jerk because you work really hard and have it pay off…well….those bitches are jealous. I know that’s true…I was jealous when my friends had major accomplishments in their businesses and I didn’t. (Okay, I still AM jealous.)
Take some time to think about what you’ve worked really hard on and got recognized for. Do YOU have an award? Post about it everywhere that’s relevant. Got a big press mention? Hello, Facebook post (both business page AND your wall). Awesome compliment from a customer? Put it in your marketing! Be proud that your hard work is recognized, it happened because of you!

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