Turn Your Messy Work Space Into An Organized Space

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Is your workspace a disaster? Don’t waste precious time looking for an important file that you probably shove in a pile of documents or a paper for your next work presentation. Though some people may argue that a messy space is a sign of genius. However, it’s always nice to have an organized space where you can start a clean slate every day. If you need to turn your messy space into an organized space, read on.

How Environment Affects Your Work Performance

In an article by Forbes, a retailer surveyed over 1,000 adults and found out that 90% of Americans believe clutter has a negative impact on their lives and work. On the other hand, 77% said clutter damages their productivity, in line with previous studies revealing that executives waste six weeks a year searching for lost items and information. Aside from that, respondents also noted that a cluttered area affects their state of mind and motivation which is a precursor to poor work performance. Other than that, some people may also judge you based on how clean or messy or work area which can sometimes lead to another work issue like bullying.

Turn Your Messy Work Space Into An Organized Space

If you’re ready to turn your workspace around, here are some tips to create an organized space and stay productive:
Purge Your Space
The first thing you can do with your space is by purging your area. Declutter your space. Sort through all your files/documents, shred them if they’re already irrelevant and get of rid of anything that you don’t use or something that adds no value to your productivity or your work performance.
Label Things
Once you’ve purged and sorted through your stuff, it will be a big help to organize and label your stuff. Create a labeling system for your papers or documents as well as your bins, folders or drawers. Labeling your things will help you put items in the right places and avoid misplacing essential documents.
Tailor Your Workspace
Having different job roles means that your work is not the same as the others. So someone’s idea of an “organized desk” will not apply to you. With that said, taylor your space based on your job and needs. Do you find yourself reaching for your calendar a few times? Then place a desk calendar on your table.
Invest in Folders
Though we live in a digital age, there are still documents that you need in person. And just like in every workplace, over time these documents accumulate so for easy access and organization, buy folders. Properly segregate these documents and label them.
Clean Your Desk Everyday
No, you don’t have to go crazy on deep cleaning your desk or your area. However, make it to a point to place things back in order or organize documents before you leave the office. Also, make sure that there is no trash laying around so that you have a fresh desk on the next morning.
And these are some ways on how you can turn your cluttered work space into a tidy and organized space. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself more productive than ever!

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