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How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

Instagram is one of the most popular micro-blogging sites that has been continuously evolving, adding more and more features. Just recently, they rolled out Instagram Stories, a new “Snapchat like” feature which lets you post photo sequences that expire in 24 hours. And, like any good entrepreneur, it’s important to keep up and utilize these new trends.

Exploring Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are another clever way to promote your business/services. Because of the number of active users on Instagram, it’s just natural to harness the opportunity of expanding your reach through its services. Unlike, Snapchat, Instagram Stories are public. Anyone on Instagram can see your post unless your profile is private which is unlikely if you have a business profile.

Using Instagram Stories For Your Business

If you’re still not using Instagram Stories for your business or you’re still trying to figure it out, continue reading this article. We’ll help you maximize this feature to increase your brand awareness:
Show Some “Behind The Scenes”
Post some pictures or videos of your day. Your photos or videos don’t have to be spectacular. The idea behind posting a picture/video of your day is that your audience has a one-of-a-kind glimpse of what’s going on in your business. For example, if your business/service is in line with art then you can post some clips of the process. You can also throw in some captions for info.
Create Mini Articles
If you’re looking for another way to showcase your content, then try putting them on Instagram Stories. Use it to create short how-to articles, tips, or some interesting trivia, and at the end of the story, include a link to your website for the full tutorial/article. A lot of people now turn to Instagram for these kinds of contents since it’s easily digestible and it’s very eye-catching.
Promote Your “Live” Broadcast
If you’re going to hop on a “live broadcast” whether it’s Facebook Live, Youtube, or Instagram, let people from Instagram know it especially your followers. Make a simple graphic about your broadcast. Don’t forget to put the time, date, and website if you’re broadcasting on a different platform. Also, make sure the URL is short so that your audience can quickly type it out.
Product In Action
Promoting your product has gotten easier and better with Instagram Stories. Simply film or post a photo of your product/services on your stories and voila! Show people what your product can do or how your service works.
Use It To Drive Awareness
Let your viewers know about your new post through Instagram Stories. I’ve seen a lot of influencers do this, they take a screenshot of their profile and write a caption about their new post. And it’s actually pretty effective; not only does it let your audience know, but it also increases your “discoverability.” Another way to use it is if you have promos going on, put it on your story.
As an entrepreneur, you have to adapt to technology to expand your reach continuously. It may be overwhelming at first, but adapting to these trends also shows your character. Are you using Instagram Stories for your business? What do you think? Share them in the comments below!
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