What it’s like to launch a marketing coaching business today

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This is one of those blog posts that I’ve had half-written for months now, and maybe the cat is already out of the bag, but nonetheless, I still want to celebrate: I’ve officially launched my coaching business to help entrepreneurs make a better impact in their markets!

I’ve resisted becoming a Coach for years for a few reasons: I was intimidated by the time it would take and I wasn’t sure I was the “right” person to be coaching others. You know what finally made me want to do it? Having my own Coach!

For the past 6 months, I’ve been working with a Business Coach to help me stay focused and actively work on completing all the crazy goals in my head that I feel like never come to fruition. She keeps me accountable to my goals and asks me the tough questions that help me realize when I’m standing in my own way. It’s through all of this work that I’ve learned how much I truly love what I do now and, while it sounds very much like a Full House learning moment, it shows me how I feel compelled to help others define their market and make an impact with their business.

I’ve gotten senior roles in corporations because I wouldn’t shut up in interviews and could discuss, with confidence, what it was I would do to help the executives achieve their goals. When I left the corporate world, that feeling didn’t stop though the will to butt heads with office politics definitely did.

It became my goal to stop trying to break through walls of insecurity and bureaucracy and take my experience to entrepreneurs like you. Entrepreneurs who had a passion for their business and a will to do whatever it takes to make it happen. I want to support people like you who need successful tactics, not conglomerates like them who want the street cred of an in-house marketing department in name only.

I’ve blogged and spoken with you for years now about how to become a better entrepreneur through value-based marketing, but it’s never been completely tailored to your goals, has it? I’ve tried to create actionable advice for my readers and podcast listeners, but I understand the big gap between “actionable” and “actionable for you” and that’s what drove me to start coaching others.

What Is a Coach?

So now that you’ve heard my Miss America speech about what I’m coaching others, let’s discuss what a Marketing Coach would do for your business and if it’s something that would be a good step for your business, even if you went to someone else!

A Coach is what I liken to a Therapist, essentially. Whether it’s for life, fitness, business, relationships, or something else, a good Coach is someone who has experience and training in the goals you’re looking to accomplish and can help you achieve those goals.

I say a Coach is like a Therapist because a lot of work (in my experience) comes down to changing mindsets and removing self-inflicted blocks. Much of the work to achieve your goals will involve getting to the root of the issue that’s preventing you from reaching your goals, and it’s the job of a Coach to help you unlock those answers.

Coaching is not, however, a substitute for a licensed Therapist! I’m a firm believer that therapy is beneficial at overcoming obstacles in life AND in business, and it should definitely be a tool in your arsenal to move your business forward.

What Does a Marketing Coach Do?

So why would I specialize in something like Marketing? Wouldn’t it be better to be a Business Coach or a Life Coach? For me: no, and here’s a list of why:

I would never feel comfortable coaching clients in the ways of setting up a B corporation as compared to an LLC, navigating HR, bringing on partners, or understanding what your lawyer is trying to tell you. Those are absolutely not in my wheelhouse and frankly, make my hands a little sweaty just thinking about it.

What I am comfortable with, and cannot shut up about, is marketing. I can (and will) talk to you about value-based sales funnels on a site for hours if you’d let me because it’s my passion, as embarrassing as that is to admit. I really LOVE marketing. I love the philosophy behind it, the history and major players who championed it, and really enjoy seeing the moment it clicks in someone’s head and they get why it’s so important.

A Marketing Coach is a Coach who helps entrepreneurs develop their brand and learn how to speak to their customers so that they can run a profitable business. I’ve helped my clients learn who their ideal customer is, where to find and follow them, how to speak to them, and how to develop funnels that sell for them even if they’re not in the office. Marketing Coaches drill down and help their clients create the campaigns that drive sales without being gross about it. It’s my job to help you attract and keep customers for life by showing you how you solve their problems with your product or service. We use effective strategies that include generating leads through effective audience-building using expert positioning so you can provide professional results for your own customers and turn them from “maybe possible interested” to ride-or-die.

Is a Coach a Consultant?

No. While they are related, Coaches and Consultants are two different roles that have the potential to do different things. I’m sure there’s an entire argument somewhere on Reddit about this, but here are the main differences:

A Coach is someone who helps their client develop the skills or acquire the tools and information they need to achieve their goals. A Consultant is someone who is brought in from the outside to do the work for the business, and leaves after the work is completed. If you want someone who is going to do the work for you, then you’d hire a consultant. If you want someone who can teach you how to do it, then you’d hire a coach. And if you want someone to teach you how to do it so that you don’t get ripped off by a shady consultant, you’d hire a coach.

If you’re ready to learn the tools that will drive real results to grow your business online, we should talk! Hit me in the “Contact” form to connect with me and get ideas for how my coaching program can offer you solutions to attract new paying customers today.

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