What to look for in a group coaching package

What to look for in a group coaching package

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Courses, 1:1 coaching, masterminds, group coaching, there are so many different ways to continue your education nowadays! I love that in this COVID crazy world, more entrepreneurs are turning to digital ways to network and grow their businesses but I know it can be confusing trying to decide which is best for you and your business, so over the next few posts, I’m going to break down a few methods and what you should look for before plopping down that credit card.

First: let me discuss the “credit card” part – Should you pay for any of these services, or is it better to look for free versions?

My answer is: that is completely up to you and how much you feel that you can contribute. If you want something that’s more passive and just around for promotion and/or one-off questions, then paid versions most likely aren’t going to be for you. If so, please feel free to join my Facebook group and hang out with some other AMAZING entrepreneurs (and it’s on the house!).

Paid education is for those who want to have a more actionable approach to their growth. It’s very much “putting your money where your mouth is.” Not only is it for those who are more “serious” but it also attracts others who are serious. You’ll notice better participation, more feedback, and better mentorship in paid programs because there’s skin in the game for all involved.

What to look for in a group coaching package

So let’s talk group coaching and how it’s different from a mastermind.

Group coaching programs are usually an upper-mid-level group of entrepreneurs. Let’s say a max of 500. This is normally a more economical level tiered subscription, as prices usually max out under $100/month. 

Benefits of group coaching:

A chance to get insight and feedback, plus higher level training from the group “host.” It’s usually more of a guided program with assignments, modules, and so on. It’s like a mix of an evergreen course and a mastermind. You’ll have access to a more driven group of entrepreneurs, new modules that update regularly, and an opportunity to find new business BFFs or accountabilibuddies.

Limitations of group coaching:

Most likely there are going to be a lot of others at different levels in the program than you, which is great. The issue, though, is that more people = less chance for you to be seen or heard. It will take a lot more effort to carve out your own space in the group or to make strong connections. You will rarely get 1:1 time with the Host.

How is this different from a mastermind? Masterminds are much smaller, cost more, and are less structured, which may sound like a ridiculous trade off for you (why would I pay more for less?) but the value-structure is completely different. Masterminds will cost more and have less structure because they’re made for closer group support and some even have 1:1 sessions with the Host. I’ll cover these more in the next post, but suffice to say that masterminds are more advanced and closer-knit.

How to find group coaching programs:

If you don’t have a specific Coach you want to work with, there are ways to find group mentoring programs out there. Start with free facebook groups and ask around for recommendations, or try Instagram and YouTube to see if you can find a mentor who you feel you can trust, then start to see what services they might have available. 

How to make the most out of group coaching:

Stay active, like ridiculously so. Be a part of the group as much as you can so that you start to become a recognized face in the group. Ask questions, answer other people’s questions, offer value. The more you participate, the more you’ll stand out, and the more you stand out, the more you’ll receive help when you ask for it. Take advantage of all the modules, lessons, bonuses, and opportunities that are available to the group. Don’t do direct sales unless there’s a place for it, remember everyone here is paying the same thing to find a community, not to see sales pitches.

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