Your Business New Years Resolution: Grow Your Audience

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Each year we make new resolutions about how we want to spend our time and what results we want to manifest from our efforts, but all too often we end up losing focus or getting distracted, and our goals never seem to happen. This year is going to be different, though, because I’m taking the top entrepreneur resolutions that I see come up time after time and am going to show you how to do it.

Resolution 1: I want to grow my customer base

More people means more moolah, right? Well, I could argue either way (hi, I’m a Libra) but for the sake of not driving you crazy, let’s say “duh!” But how do you grow your fan base in a way that attracts the right people to you and makes sure they stick around?

How to Grow Your Audience

Figure out what they want

It’s way easier to create a product for an existing group of people than it is to force the creation of a totally new audience. So make sure whatever you’re creating has a pre-made customer base. For years I thought I knew what people wanted in my skincare line. So I made it without asking (also, to be honest, I never asked because I was afraid of the answer) and figured my fans would love it all and shove money in my face, demanding the entire supply.

I’m sure you know how that went. So much money and time wasted creating things that my customers didn’t want. If I only had the courage to ask them first, I would’ve been able to curtail so much of my own aggravation (and credit card bills).

If you’ve already created a product or service and are having trouble finding a customer base for it, start looking around for pre-existing groups that you might be able to tap into. Making deep, earthy-scented candles? Start looking around for home decor enthusiasts who love to incorporate dark, Industrial aesthetics (I’ve noticed this usually goes hand in hand. In my own experience, us Industrial home folks aren’t bringing in a lot of florals and baby powder-scented things). Trying to get a fitness coaching business off the ground? Look into specific ways of eating that you personally ascribe to (like Paleo or Keto) and start hanging out in subreddits tailored to those communities.

Show up every day

The #1 killer of a fanbase (besides scandal) is inconsistency. Create an expectation of when your crew can expect content from you, or product launches, or webinars. The more consistent you are, the more loyal your fan base becomes.

There’s an added bonus here in that if you show up consistently, you’re beating 95% of your would-be competitors who can’t be bothered. Imagine the boost your numbers would get by just putting in the extra hour! It’s like the easiest rocket ship into success there is.

But look, I completely get how difficult it can be to show up every. single. day.  No one wants to work 7 days a week, and besides, we’ve got other stuff to do. This is where investing in your business pays off in spades. Sign up for an Instagram or Pinterest scheduler. Hire a social media manager or virtual assistant to respond to comments. Create an editorial calendar and a launch schedule in advance. Give yourself the right tools to save yourself time and energy.

Don’t be skeezy

It’s super-tempting to take the easy path and buy Instagram followers or website traffic to boost your numbers and the appearance that you’re more successful, but I can tell you that it’s not going to give you the results you want. If you have 10k followers on Instagram but 15 likes on a post, people are going to see right through that (especially if you’re a blogger or influencer) and it can kill your credibility. I know it’s really rough to be out there. Competing against people or brands that have been doing it longer and have massive numbers but don’t compare your Day 1 to their Day 45,032. Keep your head on your own paper and grow your business in an ethical way that develops long-term, die-hard customers.

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