Move Over, Joby Tripod GorillaPod! Ulanzi MT-52 unboxing

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Hey, Megan here. So we’ve been talking a lot about different tech that I have been obsessively buying
online. It’s too much, but it’s not because I love it all. I can’t help it. Such a nerd for tech. It is like my
ADHD and American Express coming together to form this perfect clusterfluff.
Anyways, so this one unboxing is going to be, I think, the culmination of just really cool stuff. When I
was getting my new camera, I used to have a Canon G 7X Mark II that I was using for videos. And my
main beef with that was that there was no external mic that you could attach to it. There was no port.
And I really wanted to get something new. I wanted something that would be a little bit easier to
handle and would have an external mic port, which is kind of clutch. Because of some of my old
videos, especially on the beige house, I would get comments about “we can’t hear you. What are you
saying?” That’s really awful. Right? That’s the one thing you really need to ace is good audio. So yeah,
that wasn’t the best. Anyways, I got a new camera. It’s a Sony I can’t remember what it is. I’ll put it
right here. It’s a Sony point and shoot, essentially. I still have my old Canon big honking camera that I’ll
use for other stuff, especially product photography for whatever I need. But along with that, I wanted
to get a different tripod and I wanted to get one that could use on my desktop really easily.
And then I saw this one. And first I looked at the Jobi GorillaPod because it seems to be that’s what
everybody’s into. Everybody really loves that one. So I was like, maybe but it’s super expensive. And
also, once I saw this one, I was kind of blown away by, like, this is the most brilliant idea in the world.
And this is the Ulanzi mt 52. Yeah, Mt 52. Now, the reason I love this and the reason I’m going to
recommend it for people who want to market through video is because of the octopus arms. Are you
ready for this? No. I know you’re not. That’s fine. We’ll all go through this together. But I want you to
look at this and think about all the different things that have to go with video marketing. So you’ve got
your lighting, you’ve got your audio, you’ve got a teleprompter if you’re a nerd like me. You’ve got all of
these different pieces that all kind of just have to be kind of hacked together and squished together to
make sure your ring light and your lens and everything is kind of working together in the same place.
This takes care of that.
And so that’s what I’m excited to show you. I got this on AliExpress because it came with a phone, like
the phone thing instead of a camera and something else. Maybe it was just the camera mount too.
We’re going to unbox it right here and I’m going to show you all the cool things about it. Do I
recommend this over GorillaPod? Yeah, I do. I mean, GorillaPod is cool and clearly Jobi is like the king
of these little tripods that everybody loves that kind of just stick everywhere. But wait till you see
these arms. All right, I’ll stop talking. Let’s get into it. Okay, so here is the Ulanzi Mt 52 kit, which also
came with one of the phone mounts and then looks like a standard, just can’t count. So here we have
it. And just to give you an idea of what size you’re looking at, here’s my iPhone XR with Jimmy Bagels
give you an idea. So these are the side mounts. They go out this way and they can hold two different
attachments, apparatus size, whatever. It’s got bendys just like a GorillaPod. And these I believe bend
as well. Yes, they do.
And you can see they have mount and a slide. And then you can put a light on this side or
teleprompter or another camera, your audio, whatever you want on this too. And like I said, these also
bend. And then it just has a standard mount. Here it is a ball bearing. Ball bearing, is that the right
word? You know what I’m talking about. And yeah, there you have it. I am so excited for this. Like I
said, once I get my teleprompter working and if I need like lighting on the go in my YouTube studio,
then this will make things so much easier. I am so excited about it. Look how cool it is. Very happy
about it. Let me show you what it’s going to look like when it’s set up.
Okay, so here is the tripod set up. And you can see on this side I have the receiver for my DJI mics, the
camera, and then I have a light here. But rather than blind you, I’m going to keep the light off. But you
can see it has the hot shoe mount, which I hadn’t mentioned before. And then you can also take this
off for another kind of mount.
One thing I forgot to mention is.
The tightening things here. So if you are in a position where you need this to not move and you would
actually tighten these tightness and tighten this, but otherwise if you just need to kind of move it a
little bit willynillier, this is an easy adjustment. But like I said, I love this because I can bend this. And in
another video I show, I have my teleprompter on one of these arms and I just have it pushed up front
like this. So one thing I will say is that while they are very bendy, they’re not easy to move. They’re
actually pretty stiff. Maybe they’ll get better. Clearly I’m doing this one handed so that’s they’re
probably easier to do if you’re doing this with two hands, but yeah, hopefully they’ll get a little bit more
bendy. But for now this is a horrible picture of us, isn’t it? Anyways, okay, just pretend that this looks
Do you love it? I love it. Like I said, once I saw this, I was like, that is so brilliant. Yes. Obviously, I need
something like this, especially for video marketing. So again, I recommend it over the GorillaPod,
especially if you’re trying to save money or if you have a lot of little gadgets like lights or audio mics,
things like that. And you just kind of need to make sure it’s all on one. This is so simple. It has
simplified it so much. I am such a fan of this, and I hope you are, too. If you like this video, could you
do me a favor? Could you hit the like button? It tells you to I’m doing a good job, and I’ll push this out
to more people. And if you like this channel, overall, it would be so helpful if you subscribed. That way
I get to give you new marketing content all the time that helps you grow your freelance business. So
that’s all I have to say about my new tech. We’re going to get back into more marketing tips for
freelance businesses that aren’t tech related. But like I said, this series was really fun for me because
I love tech.
I love this kind of stuff. I’m such a nerd for it. And I think that it’s always good to kind of give you some
insight into how someone else markets a freelance business, whether it is through a YouTube
channel or through video marketing, whether you are a product based business, a service based
business, or you’re a freelance writer, which I guess is service based, too. You know what I mean? It’s
always good to just kind of, like, peek behind the curtains and see what other people are doing, right?
So hopefully this was helpful. Let me know in the comments if you have picked up any tech that I
need to know about, because like I said, I’m nerd about this kind of stuff. I love it. The more I put on
my amex, the happier amex is, and the happier I am, too. Leave a comment and let me know what
tech you’ve been picking up lately that you think I should check out. I would appreciate it. I will see you
in the next video.

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